Fairfax Performance Girths Stand Out by Science and Improved Horse Performance

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 11:30
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The Fairfax Performance Girth is the first girth to be based on scientific research and it is proven to improve your horse’s performance by dramatically reducing pressure (up to 82%), significantly increasing range of movement (up to 33% in forelimb protraction compared to the horse’s normal girth), and eliminating gait asymmetry.

It is also the only girth to be tested using pressure mapping (by Pliance) and gait analysis (by Centuar Biomechanics). This technology helped Fairfax identify the exact location of high-pressure zones under the girth.


1) Peak girth pressure is behind the elbow
The area that suffers the highest pressure is where you’d normally see girth galls, tucked behind the point of the elbow (not the sternum)

2) Girth pressure varies as the horse moves on the flat
But peak pressure consistently occurs at the same point in the stride – when one leg is fully extended and the other is vertical and in contact with the ground

3) A reduction in pressure facilitates increased forelimb extension
Not only that, but knee and hock flexion is improved too. This is because the horse is free to move without restriction.

4) The Fairfax Performance girth removes asymmetry between the leg pairs
If you ride evenly and generate less wear and tear, your horse will be sounder for longer.

Gait analysis clearly established how the reduction in pressure affects the horse’s freedom of movement.

"We recorded up to 33% improvement in forelimb protraction and general range of motion in every elite horse we tested," said Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics. The results were compared to the horses’ own girth.


1) The girth’s unique shape avoids the areas where peak pressure is commonly located

2) The combination of the contoured shaping and the cushioning creates a buffer zone and prevents a "hard" edge

3) The construction method allows the buffer zone "to float" and to guide the muscles bulk under the girth, rather than blocking it

4) The girth is lined with Prolite® - known for its ability to distribute pressure, absorb impact and prevent rubbing

Read more about the Fairfax scientific testing protocol here.

The Veterinary Journal published a scientific paper about Fairfax’s test results.
Find out more about how papers are reviewed and why publication in a scientific journal is so important!


The Performance Girth is available in long and short styles and also in narrow gauge.

Visit the entire range of Fairfax Performance Girths on www.fairfaxsaddles.com