Silvia Rizzo Ready for 2016 CDI Samorin With Three New Sponsors Backing Her Up

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 11:10
Italian Dressage News

Italian Grand Prix rider Silvia Rizzo and her strapping liver chestnut Lusitano stallion Sal are gearing up for the 2016 CDI Samorin in Slovakia on 19 - 22 May 2016 with three new sponsors back her in her venture to bring fun, style and fashion to the international high performance dressage show ring.

Known for her big smile, beach blonde hair and impeccable, forward thinking style in equestrian fashion, Silvia Rizzo has achieved an immense fandom and is even exceeding Olympic champion Charlotte Dujardin in Facebook followers. 

Silvia stays unwavered by the criticism she has faced for her fashion choices in the saddle - chrome helmets, tuxedo style tail coats and blinged to perfection. She always receives the respect and support of the crowds with her big smile and the positive image she generates as a fun-loving top level dressage rider. This has landed her more sponsorship deals than most international Grand Prix riders.

Three new sponsors have been added to her ever-growing list: Selleria Gianetti, Lisa Wallace's Dressage Sport Boot and Amato Daniele. Selleria Gianetti is a prestigious, Italian saddle making company which prouds itself in high quality custom-made saddles and its in-depth knowledge of riders and horses. Since 1881, the Gianetti family has handed down the art of saddle making from father to son. Lisa Wallace's Dressage Sport Boots are designed to provide excellent protection as well as comfort for the horse. Their boots feature a rugged vinyl exterior with a coverlight strike area, which is tear, puncture and abrasion resistant and has excellent overall durability. Amato Daniele is a fashion designer not at all involved in equestrian sports, but who has now taken his first steps into introducing his brand to horse riders world wide. He is a protegé of renowned shoe designer Manolo Blahnik and now has his own brand of bags, shoes and accessories for men and women in search of unique products made 100% in Italy.

"If you present a positive image of the sport in which athletes connect with their fans, dressage certainly is a very apearling for major companies to sponsor and support," Rizzo stated. "Amato Daniele is a fashion designer who said he got interested in the equestrian world thanks to my positive attitude and my vision to combine dressage with fashion."

The Italian Silvia Rizzo lives in Lingen, Germany, but regularly commutes to her home town Milan and Italy to stay in close contact with her sponsors. Rizzo boasts a long list of loyal supporters, including KEP Italia, BMW Helming & Sohn, Accademia Italiana, Stivaleria Secchiari, Champion Performance Imports, SSG Gloves, MDC Stirrups and Judi Manche.

For many years Silvia has been purposely bringing fashion into the dressage world and it has proven a good strategy. At the last official meeting between the FEI and the International Olympic Committee it became clear that dressage needs to be modernized and made more attractive to a general audience to preserve its Olympic status.

"While I believe the essence of dressage should not be touched, we need to make the sport much more attractive by allowing the audience to feel more connected to the athletes," said Rizzo. "We need to make dressage more appealing and more understable. This can be achieved through fashion and an improved, transparent judging system. We have to avoid new disciplines which are kicking at the door from taking over our Olympic spot, because they are more sexy and cool. Dressage needs to step up up in order not to loose the public's interest without compromsing the beauty of our sport, which is all about the harmony and love between rider and horse."

Rizzo and her Lusitano licensed stallion Sal (by Mississippi x Golega) are heading to the international 3* CDI in Samorin, Slovakia, which is taking place at a state-of-the-art equestrian facility. The CDI Samorin ran for the first time as a 2* in 2015 and now has received 3* status.

"I am looking forward to the show in Samorin. The event came highly recommended as it will take place at an amazing equestrian centre, where a very professional organizing committee works to create the best facilities for us riders," said Rizzo.

For more information on Silvia Rizzo, visit or her Facebook page.

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