Excellent Dressage Sales 2016: Our Success in the Past is the Reference for Your Future

Wed, 03/23/2016 - 09:28
2016 Excellent Dressage Sales

Are you looking for a young horse, an approved stallion or a schoolmaster? A talent with a solid training? Than you should not miss Excellent Dressage Sales, the auction where the dressage horses’ quality is the number 1 priority. The organization is in the capable hands of a successful team in the international world of dressage: Joop van Uytert, Nico Witte, Tim Coomans and Joep Schellekens. This foursome proved to be able to breed, manage and train horses up to international top level.

Selection procedure

The EDS team keeps horses for the auction throughout the year. Joop van Uytert explains on behalf of the organization: “During the viewing days we look at the horses that are offered to us. We select those horses that are interesting for EDS. After that we have a look at our ‘own’ horses at the stables of our team members. I myself buy over 30 interesting foals a year. Some of them, who show potential as a sire, are presented at the stallion selection. Others are selected by the EDS team for the auction. The strict selection offers maximum security for our clients.”

The EDS team is looking for reliable horses with talent and a good training. Van Uytert continues: “Nice horses of high quality are hard to find. This year we have two mares in our collection that scored 90 points in their IBOP test. That is an exceptional score. In addition to a few very well trained horses we also have a large group of young horses, who, if well trained, show potential for a successful career in the sport of dressage.”

The full collection of Excellent Dressage Sales 2016 is available on www.excellentdressagesales.com.

Presentation and auction

Excellent Dressage Sales takes place on 16 April at Landgoed Culitsrode in Hooge Mierde (Netherlands). Prior to the auction there is a presention of the horses on auction. Entry for the presentation on Wednesday 13 April, 20:00 hrs, is free. Tickets for the auction can be ordered at www.excellentdressagesales.com. Both the presentation and the auction can be watched at www.clipmyhorse.tv. More information on the programme, the horses, tickets and try-outs: www.excellentdressagesales.com.

Some horses from the 2016 EDS auction collection:

Rousseau’s Topas

The appealing dark bay gelding Rousseau’s Topas has already successfully competed on Grand Prix level. He masters all exercises with ease. Rousseau’s Topas is a horse who is only at the beginning of his career and has all the possibilities to develop into a top dressage horse.

Hilary by Cendy

The offspring of ‘keur’ stallion Florencio I is justifiably a ‘lady with looks’. She trots with ease and much power in the arena and is the center of attention. During the 2015 ‘VSN’ Trophy Final she finished in a good fifth place in a strong field.


The big-framed and appealing mare Dolly was already heard of at a young age. She became the regional mare selection champion. Dolly also proved to be exceptional under the saddle and scored 90 points in her IBOP test and won the ‘VSN’ Trophy in 2012. Now the mare is ready for the Small Tour.

See the entire collection at www.excellentdressagesales.com