British Junior/Young Rider Prime and Progress Squads for 2015-2016 Announced

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 23:49
British Dressage News

The British Junior and Young Rider selectors are delighted to confirm the squads for the 2015/16 season following the viewing day held at the Unicorn Trust, Stow on the Wold, Great Britain, on Saturday 12 September 2015.

Twenty-five riders came undert the watchful eye of judge Jo Graham with the selectors assisting and a further 22 rider attended on foot.

Juniors Prime Squad

  • Phoebe Peters with Denford Surprise

Juniors Progress Squad

  • Charlotte Dicker with Sabatini
  • Alex Hellings with Uvender V
  • Ruth Hole with Winnetou GEP
  • Bethany Horobin with Cachet II

Juniors Promising Squad

  • Isobel Berrington with Worldy Wise
  • Emma Bond with Limewalk
  • Emily Bradshaw with Remarkable
  • Ella Cotterill with Casablanca
  • Rose Hugh Smith with Florentino
  • Anna Jesty with Aquiro
  • Bethany Shipley with Bravoure

Juniors Ones to Watch

  • Imogen Ablett with Express
  • Jasmine Harding-Weitzman with Di Spirito
  • Immie Jones with Berkeley TH
  • Hazel McCoriston with SOS Unforgettable Uland
  • Megan Roberts with Dreamgirl

Young Riders Prime Squad

  • Rebecca Edwards with Ufano II
  • Charlotte Fry with Z Flemmenco 
  • Robyn Smith with Foold Uz

Young Riders Progress Squad

  • Lucy Pincus with Doncalisto
  • Amy Schiessel with Mr Mercury

Young Riders Promising Squad

  • Gaby Lucas with Zante
  • Carmen Gammie with Amalia B

Young Riders One to Watch

  • Francesca Bradley with Baldovino
  • Georgia Davis with Richman’s Manta
  • Jessica Gale with Umbro S
  • Lily Hewitt with Charlie Chaplin
  • Annie Lloyd-Aylett with Irujio
  • Gaby Lucas with Salo

Photo © Astrid Appels

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