German Ponies Selected for Inaugural International Dressage Cup in Verden

Sat, 07/11/2015 - 11:17
2015 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

The 2015 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden, Germany, on 5 - 9 August 2015 will not only be an international young horse extravaganza, but it also features a CDI Grand Prix as well as numerous national classes from young horse to developing Grand Prix. This year, Verden will also host for the first time an "International Dressage Cup" for 5 and 6-year old dressage ponies.

The International Dressage Cup is a pilot project for a World Young Pony Championships and ponies from various nations are invited to compete.

Germany held a special selection day in Warendorf on Wednesday 8 July 2015 and has picked fourteen 5-year olds and ten 6-year olds to compete in Verden.

The ponies representing Germany are:

5-year olds

  • Arts Deimona (Rhinelander mare by Arts-Dancer-Boy) - Hannah Wiessner
  • Carleo Go (Weser Ems gelding by Constantin) - Paulina Holzknecht
  • Clooney (Weser Ems gelding by onstantin) - Ann-Sophie Lückert
  • Coole Socke (Weser Ems mare by FS Don't Worry) - Isabeau Schartmann
  • Cosmopolitan D (Westfalian stallion by FS Champion de Luxe) - Sophie Dupree
  • D-Day AT (Westfalian stallion by Dance Star AT) - Zoe Gilbers
  • Daddy Moon (Rhinelander gelding by  FS Daddy Cool) - Zoe Gilbers
  • Der kleine Sunnyboy (Weser Ems stallion by Der feine Lord AT) - Julia Rohmann
  • Diamantenglanz AT (Westfalian stallion by Dip BEAT) - Shirin Brüning
  • FS Dorian Gray (Rhinelander stallion by FS Don't Worry) - Alissa Horz
  • Global Player AT (Westfalian stallion by Hesselteich's Golden Dream) - Laura Stuhldreier
  • Tackmann's Dessert de Luxe (Holsteiner stallion by FS Dr. Watson) - Celine Geissler
  • Tiger Hill  (ZfdP stallion by Top Anthony II) - Maike Mende
  • Vom Besten G (ZfdP stallion by Valido's Boy) - Shirin Brüning

6-year olds

  • A new Star (Westfalian stallion by A Gorgeous) - Marei Flunkert
  • Del Estero (Westfalian stallion by Dance Star AT) - Sophie Dupree
  • Der kleine Choco-Boy (Weser Ems gelding by Der feine Lord AT) - Hanna Hinrichs
  • Don Henley (Westfalian gelding by FS Don't Worry) - Luisa Köllner
  • FS Numero Uno (Rhinelander stallion Noir de Luxe) - Sophie Dammeyer
  • Highvally D (Weser Ems gelding by Hot Cream) - Maike Mende
  • Olivier K (Weser Ems stallion by Ombri B) - Jacob Schenk
  • Proud Raffaelo (ZfdP stallion by Rocketti) - Jule Marie Schönfeldt
  • Tackmann's Donut (Holsteiner stallion by Denver) - Celine Geissler
  • Timberlake SH (Westfalian gelding by imberland) - Maike Mende

Only two ponies per rider are allowed so Maike Mende has also been selected with the Westfalian mare Destiny of Lord (by Der Feine Lord) as reserve pony.

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