Belgian Dressage Committee Changes Squad Selection Criterium

Tue, 03/10/2015 - 14:10
Belgian Dressage News

The Dressage Committee of the Belgian Equestrian Federation has made a change to the squad selection criterium after a meeting with team trainer and technical advisor Sjef Janssen.

At this meeting it was decided to extend the period for international selection from six to nine months. This means that a rider and horse combination can be selected for international shows based on a period of nine months. It also implies that the results from the 9 month period will count for squad selection.

The committee has also changed the squads and will continue with five teams: the A, B, C, U25 and High Potentials teams.

The current teams include:

A-Team (2x 69%)

  • Julie de Deken - Lucky Dance
  • Jeroen Devroe - Eres DL
  • Claudia Fassaert - Donnerfee
  • Françoise Hologne Joux - Wodan
  • Laurence Vanommeslaghe - Avec Plaisir
  • Fanny Verliefden - Annarico

B-Team (2x 67%)

  • David Engelen - Royal Rubinstein
  • Simon Missiaen - Vradin
  • Mario van Orshaegen - Wilco V
  • Fanny Verliefden - Vanita

C-Team (2x 65%)

  • Ona Dewaegenaere - Dabanos D'O4
  • Tom Heylen - Universal
  • Delphine Meiresonne - Wipsy van 't Heihof
  • Serge Pais - Nintendo
  • Marc Peter Spahn - Ekwador

U25- Team

  • Alexa Fairchild - Timor
  • Laurence Roos - Fil Rouge
  • Jorinde Verwimp - Tiamo

High Potentials

  • no riders listed

Photo © Astrid Appels

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