FEI Dressage Committee Members Campanella and Lucio Issue Short Statement

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 14:12
FEI Dressage News

FEI Dressage Committee members Anna Paprocka-Campanella and Luis Lucio have sent Eurodressage a short statement in response to Michael Klimke's guest column on the FEI's plans to shorten the Grand Prix test.

"Mr. Klimke has made some considerations that touch us directly," Campanella told Eurodressage. "We are really working hard and these are really crucial moments. "We are on the good way to achieve some success."


As the rider’s and trainer’s representative on the dressage committee we would like to react to concerns regarding our efficacy in the dressage committee. We would like to underline that our objective is to work together with the clubs on the many issues relating to dressage, one of these is the length of the Grand Prix test.

Despite the complex and controversial nature of some of the issues we feel that our input and representations are sincerely respected and considered. The discussions at the most recent stakeholders meeting was open, direct and robust. We are very satisfied with the foundations which were established at the meeting and are confident that we will go forward in a productive and cooperative way.

Anna Campanella & Luis Lucio

Photo © Astrid Appels

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