Photo Report: Scene Shots from the 2014 CDI-W Czosnow

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 14:36
2014 CDI-W Czosnow

Straight from the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Caen, France, Belgian based Ukrainian Inna Logutenkova travelled all the way to Czosnow, Poland to compete and win the outdoor World Cup Qualifier. Logutenkova scored 70,740% in the Grand Prix and 75,175% in the Kur to Music. Twenty-two European riders contested the well attended Grand Prix class.

The 2014 CDI-W Czosnow also served as 2014 Polish Dressage Championships for Young Riders and Grand Prix riders.  In the Young Riders division the gold went to Wanda Adamowska, who scored 63.289%, 66,526% and 69.325% on Promessa (by Provider x Graf Sponeck) to take highest honours. Zuzanna Chmiel and Floyid (by Florestan x Uniform) landed the silver step of the podium after scoring 63.632%, 65.00% and 69.775%. Tomsaz Jasinski and Ajano's Star (by Aljano x Joyride) took home the bronze after achieving 65.632%, 62.790%, and 66.725%.

In the Grand Prix division Polish shooting star Anna Lukasik and Stella Pack Ganda (by Celtik x Gluckspilz) reigned supreme after achieving 68.974%, 69.300% and 74.675% tot total 212.949%. Aleksandrea Szulc and the bay Rumba Hit (by Samba Hit x Rotspon) were good for silver after posting scores of 68.158%, 67.760% and 71.625% (207.543%). New kid on the block Tomasz Kowalski, who competed his Ragtime (by Romanov x Sandro Hit) at Intermediaire I level only five months ago, slotted in third and got the bronze after scoring 68.816%, 67.440% and 69.950% (206.206 pts).

Photos © Lukasz Kowalski

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