Berni, Mauro, Citelli, Truppa Win 2013 Italian Dressage Championships

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 22:38
2013 Italian Dressage Championships

Pony rider Lucia Berni, junior rider Camilla Mauro, young rider Simone Citelli and Grand Prix rider Valentina Truppa captured the most important titles in their divisions at the 2013 Italian Dressage Championships which were held during the 2013 CDI Arezzo at the Arezzo Equestrian Centre on 26 - 29 September 2013.

In Italy the national dressage championships are split between a technical championship and a freestyle championship, so per age division two titles are to be earned. The first two technical tests (team and individual test for the youth riders and Intermediaire II and Grand Prix for the seniors) count towards the "normal" championship, whereas simply the freestyle counts for the Kur championship.

The organization of the 2013 Italian Dressage Championships caused quite some commotion the past month because of very late date changes. The normal and kur championships were originally scheduled for two separate events but the kur championship all of a sudden was rescheduled to collapse with the normal one, so that some riders were short in time to have a new freestyle made, putting other well prepared or better informed riders at an advantage. Furthermore at the event itself judges were being swapped classes five minutes before the start of a test adding to the confusion. Also, to have enough riders participating in the Nationals the performances of the Italian riders in the CDI classes were counted towards the national championship alongside the scores of the Italian riders in the national tests, in which they faced less competition. Despite all the turmoil a good collection of riders presented itself at the starting line and the most seasoned Italian competitors surfaced at the top.

In the pony division Lucia Berni and her bay pony Blakt's Thomas won the technical (70.200%) and freestyle championship (73.000%), with the silver going to Valentina Remold on her second, younger pony Prince of Gory (69.910 and 72.542%). The bronze in the pony technical championship went to Italian 2013 European Pony Championship kur finalist Alice Campanella on her experienced mount Flamenco Star (67.580%). Campanella did not ride the kur so the bronze went to Marta Bafile on Nube (65.875%).

Especially for the Junior and Young Riders medals points from national classes were mixed with points from CDI tests to create one big confusing cocktail of scores for the ranking. The nationally competing junior rider Camilla Mauro reigned supreme on Santo Stefano Francis and won double gold with 66.640% and 69.125%. Pony rider Valentina Remold also grabbed silver in the technical junior riders championships aboard Don Farino. She scored an average of 66.100%. The internationally riding Annachiara Menin earned technical bronze (64.640%) and kur silver (66.875%). Kur bronze went to Irene Fabris on Rocko Barocko with 66.792%

Simone Citelli, who didn't compete in the CDI Young Riders classes, became the technical 2013 Italian Young Rider champion aboard Dustin VII with an average score of 67.240%. The silver went to CDI rider Claudia Brambilla on Wiona. She scored an average of 67.000. National rider Vittoria Zaniboni grabbed the bronze on Saffierduna with 66.800%. In the Young Rider Kur championship, Claudia Brambilla won gold with 69.583%, followed by Leonardo Tiozzo for silver (68.292%) and Valentina Croce on bronze (65.583%).

At Grand Prix level, there were three Italian Grand Prix championships, but the most important one was the Grand Prix "Assoluto" of which most riders competed at CDI-level, though several rode the national tests. The 2013 Italian Grand Prix Champion's title was won by Valentina Truppa on her Danish warmblood Chablis. She won the technical championship with an Intermediaire II score of 71.132% anbd a Grand Prix score of 72.872%. She also won the freestyle championship with 75.550%. Ester Soldi and Harmonia won technical silver with 65.816% and 64.809% and kur bronze with 68.150%. Micol Rustignoli and Corallo Nero won technical bronze with 66.342% and 63.362% and kur silver with 68.250%.

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