Qualified Horses for Final 2013 Danish World Young Horse Selection Trial

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 12:54
2013 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

After three selection trials held across Denmark this spring the list of qualified horses for the final Danish selection event for the 2013 World Young Horse Championships in Verden has been published. Fourteen 5-year olds and eleven 6-year olds are eligible to compete at the last Danish qualifier in Middelfart.

The qualified 5-year olds are:

  • Bruunholms Gaia (by Hotline x Hertug) - Rider: Sidsel Johansen
  • Romantic Venture (by Don Romantic x Michellino) - Rider:Marie Louise Andersen
  • Fredendals Zig Zag (by Zack x Don Schufro) - Rider: Jan Moller Christensen
  • Svalegards Hottie (by Hotline x De Noir) - Rider:Maria Anita Andersen
  • Mohmanns Takitta (by Zack x Solos Landtinus) - Rider:Maria Anita Andersen
  • Tailormade Attention (by Abanos x Camaro) - Rider:Silje Bakken
  • Norregards Denzel (by Don Romantic x Lucky Light) - Rider:Lars Baekgaard
  • Svalegards De Luxe (by De Noir x Pari Ace Dane) - Rider:Mette S. Ehlers
  • Shiraz Majlund (by Sunny Boy x Hertug) - Rider: Jeppe Petersen
  • Rafaella R (by Skovens Rafael x Hertug) - Rider: Lisbeth Krog
  • Lehmanns Lilo (by De Noir x Midt West Ibi Light) - Rider: Stine Dossing
  • Zick Flower (by Zack x Romanov) - Rider: Allan Gron
  • Tailormade Ralph Laurens (by Skovens Rafael x A Dur) - Rider: Silje Bakken
  • Safir (by Skovens Rafael x Aston) - Rider: Lotte Skjaerbaek

The qualified 6-year olds are:

  • Katholt's Bossco (by Don Schufro x Michellino) - Rider: Maria Anita Andersen
  • Lazanta Havdal (by Bogegardens Laurino x Hertug) - Rider: Jan Mollen Christensen
  • Tankedals Hot Shot (by Hotline x Romancier) - Rider: Lotte Straarup
  • Angelique H (by Damsey x Solos Landtinus) - Rider: Sissel Holfelt Kristiansen
  • Sirikit (by Hotline x Don Schufro) - Rider: Carina Nevermann Torup
  • Holballes Deeba (by De Noir x Resident) - Rider: Michael G Christensen
  • Donna Didie (by Don Schufro x Welcome) - Rider: Sabine Petersen
  • Hot Spot (by Hotline x Negro) - Rider: Maik Kohlschmidt
  • Heiline's Hot Mix (by Hotline x Come Back II) - Rider: Carina Cassoe Kruth
  • Mollegardens Pas Partout (by Don Primero x Camaro) - Rider: Andreas Helgstrand
  • South West Rocazino (by Don Romantic x Latimer) - Rider: Bettina Laisbo

Photo © Ridehesten

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