Flinstone B Withdrawn from 2013 KWPN Spring Stallion Performance Testing

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 15:36
KWPN Breeding News

On Saturday 31 May 2013 the KWPN Spring Stallion Performance Testing will conclude and the KWPN Stallion Licensing Committee reviewed the dressage colts participating in this 70-day testing a final time last Monday.

After their final assessment on Monday the committee discussed the progress of the stallions with the owners and already give the owners and idea of what their opinion (and probable) scores will be of each colt.

One dressage stallion, Flinstone B (by Vivaldi x Ferro) was withdrawn from the licensing on last week beecause of fitness issues. The committee recommended the owners to allow him to participate in the 2013 Autumn KWPN Stallion Performance Testing.

"As Flinstone isn't fit, he can't performe in optimal conditions. In October there is the autumn performance test and he will do this exam," said owner Joyce Lenaerts. "Of course we are disappointed and it's bad timing but nobody can help it. We give him all the time he needs to be fit again. I will train him myself in the meantime and we try again in October."

The final performance testing day starts Saturday at 9 AM at the KWPN centre in Ermelo.

Photo © Dirk Caremans

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