Fifty-Four Foals Selected on Final Day of 2012 German Foal Show Circuit

Tue, 07/03/2012 - 11:32
Westfalian Breeding News

The 2012 German foal show season came to a conclusion on Sunday 1 July 2012 with five final selection events for the 2012 German Foal Championships in Lienen.

The breeders' society Nordbayern/Oberpfalz hosted their foal show at the equestrian centre Behrhof in Moosthenning on Sunday morning. Andrea and Thomas Kaufmann presented the winning filly by Milennium out of Lady in Red (by Ruiz Soler), while Johann and Katja Schmid brought along the winning colt by Boston out of Wildfee (by Fidermark).

A huge group of foals attended the foal show held at Stallion Station Klatte in Lastrup, where Andre Obermeyer's Desperados x Westernhagen filly took highest honour in her gender division. The top scoring colt was Josef Gramann's Fidertanz x Sandro Hit.

The breeders' society of North Hessia held their show in Bad Arolsen on Sunday 1 July and eight foals qualified for Lienen. Two fillies earned the trophy as they totaled the same amount of points. Rudolf and Dieter Turk's Fineliner x Michelangelo and Silke Pelzer's Bretton Woods x Fidermark were the winning fillies. The top scoring colt is bred by Michael Schwarz and is by Sandro Hit x Rubinstein.

At Johann Hinnemann's Krüsterhof in Voerde, Germany, no less than 13 foals obtained an entry ticket for Lienen. The Werth family presented the winning filly, which is by Quaterback x Sandro Hit. Nicole and Peter Gütges bred the winning colt by Den Haag x De Niro.

The Westfalian Trakehner breed society held their foal show at the equestrian centre of the Rhynern riding club in Hamm-Rhynern. Leonard Thiel's Kentucky filly out of State Premium Mare Traumwolke IV (by Arogno) won her gender category, while Luise Bredemeiers' Saint Cyr x Summertime bested the field in the colts' division.

Photo © Tanja Becker

Results - 2012 Foal Show - Moosthenning


  • 1. Milenium out of Lady in Red (by Ruiz Soler)
    Breeder: Andrea & Dr. Thomas Kaufmann
  • 2. Christ out of Din Frederica (by Don Frederico)
    Breeder: Steffi Hummer
  • 3. Boston out of Schöne Maid (by Show Star)
    Breeder: Steffi Hummer
  • 4. Destano out of SP Prime Time II (by Rubin Royal)
    Breeder: Monika Levay


  • 1. Boston out of SP Wildfee (by Fidermark)
    Breeder: Johann & Katja Schmid
  • 2. Destano out of Geisha (by Abanos)
    Breeder: Güther Reim
  • 3. Fürst Wettin out of Withney (by Desperados)
    Breeder: Gusti & Bernd Penninger
  • 4. Furstenball  out of Alcantara (by Stedinger)
    Breeder: Jakob Reglauer
  • 5. Bailamos Biolley out of Buena Vista (by Lanciano)
    Breeder: Sabine Klößinger
  • 6. Royal Classic out of Gachina (by Gardez)
    Breeder: Sebastian Lautenbacher

Results - 2012 Foal Show  - Lastrup


  • 1. Desperados out of Welle (by Westernhagen)
    Breeder:Andre Obermeyer
  • 2. Zonik out of Deluvee (by De Niro)
    Breeder: Margarethe Strohm
  • 3. Roi du Soleil out of Ruhm und Ehre (by Sir Donnerhall)
    Breeder: Gestüt Vorwerk
  • 4. Sir Donnerhall out of Raritaet-Ra (by Rohdiamant)
    Breeder: Peter-Hermann Rabeler
  • 5. Don Romantic out of  Elite mare Chanel (by Kalu xx)
    Breeder: Egon Bunjes
  • 5. Dancing Hit out of  VPS Selina (by Depardieu)
    Breeder: Heinrich Kayser


  • 1. Fidertanz out of Fleur (by Sandro Hit)
    Breeder: Josef Gramann
  • 2. Rock Forever out of Alida (by Don Gregory)
    Breeder: Sieglinde Brandes
  • 3. Spörcken out of De Leila T (by De Niro)
    Breeder: Jella Tupay
  • 4. Sungold a out of Daisy (by De Niro)
    Breeder: Jürgen Helm
  • 4. Don Schufro out of SPA Cassandra (by Florencio I)
    Breeder: Werner Dullweber
  • 6. Dr. Doolittle out of Calimba de Luna (by Continue)
    Aussteller: Ludger Tegenkamp
  • 7. Don Index out of Lady (by Londonderry)
    Breeder: Dr. Philipp Lingens
  • 7. Destano out of Fürstin Gloria (by Fürst Heinrich)
    Breeder: Christof Wienöbst

Results - 2012 Foal Show - Bad Arolsen


  • 1. Fineliner out of Melodie (by Michelangelo)
    Breeder: Rudolf u. Dieter Türk
  • 1. Bretton Woods out of Femme de la Rose (by Fidermark)
    Breeder: Silke Pelzer
  • 3. Jeraldo out of Flo du Camtal (by Florestan I)
    Breeder: Marianne Weiß


  • 1. Sandro Hit out of Rubins Lady (by Rubinstein I)
    Breeder: ZG Michael Schwarz
  • 2. Furstenball  out of Wiener (by Weltmeyer)
    Breeder: Jürgen Kurz
  • 3. Sir Donnerhall out of Fleur de Lys (by Florestan I)
    Breeder: Susanne Tötemeier
  • 4. Perigueux out of Argentina S (by Accord II)
    Breeder: Heinz Sprenger
  • 5. Spörcken out of Maxi (by Matula)
    Breeder: ZG Philipps + Missal

Results - 2012 Foal Show - Voerde


  • 1. Quaterback x Sandro Hit
    Breeder: ZG Werth
  • 2. Feedback x Dancier
    Breeder: ZG Heinrich & Wolfgang Esser
  • 3. Ampére x  Lanciano
    Breeder: Hermann Reckmann
  • 4. Den Haag x Rubin Royal
    Breeder: Susanne Reeh-Köpper
  • 5. Den Haag x Rubin Royal
    Breeder: Susanne Reeh-Köpper
  • 6. Fürst Romancier x Rubino Rosso
    Breeder: Yuri Romanov
  • 6. Feedback x Guy Laroche
    Breeder: Dorothee Baumgartner


  • 1. Den Haag x De Niro
    Breeder: ZG Nicole & Peter Gütges
  • 2. Quatto B x Lecroix xx
    Breeder: Iris Wenzel
  • 2. Feedback xn Johnson
    Breeder: ZG Mölko & Ellen Möllemann
  • 2. Feedback x Sandro Hit
    Breeder: Tobias Schult
  • 5. Lord Carnaby x Fidertanz
    Breeder: Johannes Baumeister
  • 6. Alvarino x Liatos
    Breeder: Johann Hartjes

Results - 2012 Foal Show - Hamm Rhynern


  • 1. Kentucky out of  SPS Taumwolke IV (by Arogno)
    Breeder: Leonard Thiel
  • 2. Kentucky out of  SPS Heimjune (by Couracius)
    Breeder: ZG Cornelia & Dr. Ingo Braun
  • 3. Kentucky out of SPS Sylvana (by Enim Pascha)
    Breeder: Jutta Wassermann
  • 4. Florestan I out of Laetizia (by Lauris Crusador xx)
    Breeder: Tobias Große-Lembeck


  • 1. Saint Cyr out of Hanna VII (by Summertime)
    Breeder: Luise Bredemeier
  • 2. Kentucky out of  SPS Syntie WH (by Herzruf)
    Breeder: Jutta Wassermann
  • 3. Saphiro out of  SPS Belle Epoque (by Partout)
    Breeder: ZG Cornelia & Dr. Ingo Braun
  • 4. Don Schufro out of  SPS Fleetstreet (by Fürst Piccolo)
    Breeder: Frank Dahlhoff
  • 5. Iskander out of Sarabande (by Germanicus Rex)
    Breeder: Jürgen Strunk

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