Boston, Cancara, San Amour, Destano, Danone, Franziskus Sire Winners at 2012 German Foal Shows

Sat, 06/30/2012 - 11:31
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The German foals shows, where breeders can obtain a qualification for the 2012 German Foal Championship in Lienen, are in full swing. Three more foal shows took place last week in Marktredwitz, Filsum and Munster-Albachten and Boston, Cancara, San Amour, Destano, Danone, and Franziskus were the sires of the winning foals.

At the stallion station Heuschmann in Marktredwitz, Germany, a filly by Boston and a colt by Cancara became the champions on 24 June. Bred by the host of the show, Rainer Heuschmann, the Boston x Furst Schölling filly scored the highest points, but she tied with Wilhelm and Petra Kohler's Hot Spirit x Del Mondo for first place. In the colt division, a Cancara x Colman became the top scoring male foal, while a Candillo x Contender was the runner up.

At the Pferde-Reha of Tamme and Carmen Hanken in Filsum, Germany, on 24 June, Tanja Horne's San Amour x Liberty M filly was the show stopper, followed by breeding station Bauer's Royal Classic x Charon filly. In the colt category, Dirk Hoffmann's Destano x Don Vino took the champion's sash and Marlies and Dirk Visscher's Foundation x Friedenstraum was second.

At Stallion Station Holkenbrink in Munster-Albachten on 27 June, Ludwig Kottig's filly by Danone x Andiamo reigned supreme and referred Marianne and Rudolf Pax' Romanov x De Niro to a second place. Antja Mens-Bussmann's colt by Franziskus x Quaterback stood out in the male division earning the highest score while Bernhard Ilting-Reuke's Furstenball x Sir Donnerhall I finished second.

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Results - 2012 Foal Show - Marktredwitz


  • 1. Boston out of Look At Me (by Fürst Schoelling)
    Breeder: Dr. Rainer & Heidi Heuschmann
  • 1. Hot Spirit out of Prima Donna  (by Del Mondo)
    Breeder: Wilhelm & Petra Kohler
  • 3. Candyman out of Alpenhexe  (by Colman)
    Breeder: Dr. Rainer & Heidi Heuschmann
  • 4. Connor out of Aziza  (by Colman)
    Breeder: Michael Eitel
  • 5. Boston out of Ladylike  (by Fürst Schoelling)
    Breeder: Dr. Rainer & Heidi Heuschmannz
  • 5. Connor out of Athene  (by Coriano)
    Breeder: Michael Eitel


  • 1. Cancara out of Turntable  (by Colman)
    Breeder: Michael Eitel
  • 2. Candillo  out of aomie II  (by Contender)
    Breeder: Michael Eitel
  • 2. Boston out of Lucky Surprise  (by Fürst Schoelling)
    Breeder: Dr. Rainer und Heidi Heuschmann
  • 2. Lordanos out of Lucille  (by Lordship)
    Breeder: Michael Eitel
  • 5. Furstenball out of Larissa  (by Londonderry)
    Breeder: Ricarda Kockerols
  • 5. Bailamos Biolley out of Beautiful Gipsy  (by Donnerschlag)
    Breeder: Sabine Klößinger

Results - 2012 Foal Show - Filsum


  • 1. San Amour out of Light and Color  (by Liberty M)
    Breeder: Tanja Horne
  • 2. Royal Classic out of Cynthia  (by Charon)
    Breeder: Zuchthof Bauer
  • 3. Silberschmied out of Fiona M  (by Fischermans Friend)
    Breeder: Imke Dittmann
  • 4. Floriscount out of Rhapsodie  (by Rohdiamant)
    Breeder: Monika Quarz


  • 1. Destano out of Dora  (by Don Vino)
    Breeder: Dirk Hoffmann
  • 2. Foundation out of Felina  (by Friedenstraum)
    Breeder: Marlis &Dirk Visscher
  • 3. De Niro out of Donna Florencia  (by Florencio)
    Breeder: Zuchthof Bauer
  • 4. Balesteros out of SPS Elfengold  (by Serano Gold)
    Breeder: Birte Ahlers
  • 4. Dante Weltino out of Andiena  (by Andiamo)
    Breeder: Zuchthof Bauer

Results - 2012 Foal Show - Munster/Albachten


  • 1. Danone  out of  Alles Paletti  (by Andiamo)
    Breeder: Ludwig Kottig
  • 2. Romanov  out of  VPS Elfentanz  (by De Niro)
    Breeder: Marianne & Rudolf Pax
  • 3. Franziskus out of Rosalie  (by Riccione)
    Breeder: Heinrich Dresen
  • 4. Totilas x Sir Donnerhall
    Breeder: Gisbert Beckmann
  • 5. Floriscount out of Lilou  (by Laurentio)
    Breeder: Gudrun Pötter & Georgia Schulze Lefert


  • 1. Franziskus out of Querie  (by Quaterback )
    Breeder: Antje Mens-Bußmann
  • 2. Furstenball  out of enorita Meyer  (by Sir Donnerhall)
    Breeder: Bernhard Ilting-Reuke
  • 3. Franziskus out of Donnerfee  (by Donnerball)
    Breeder: Christine Quante
  • 3. Rock Forever NRW out of Sinfonie  (by San Amour)
    Breeder: Siegfried Boer

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