Dante Weltino, San Amour, Count Up, Might Magic Sire Winners at 2012 German Foal Shows

Mon, 06/18/2012 - 12:21
Oldenburg Breeding News

Dante Weltino, San Amour, Count Up, and Might Magic sired the winning foals at the foal shows held in Lodbergen and Plaaz on the weekend of 16 - 17 June 2912.

The well visited foal show in Lodbergen on 16 June 2012 was a big success with especially a large group of colts achieving high scores. The champion colt was Dieter Schmidt's Dante Weltino x Silvio, which scored 81 points. The runner up colt was Johannes Tonnies' Foundation x De Niro with 78 points. In the filly category, Antja Kamper's San Amour x De Niro became the high scoring foal of the day with 83 points. Hans Heinrich Hollmann's De Niro x Sir Donnerhall filly was second with 75 points.

At the foal show held at Gestüt Kempke Hof in Plaaz, Germany, on 17 June 2012 another filly became the top scoring foal of the day. Melanie Ritter's failly by Mighty Magic (by Mytens xx x Heraldik xx) out of Grace Kelly (by Grabensee) received the blue ribbon with 77.5 points and referred Eberhard Mahncke's Quaterback x Just Perfect to a second place.  In the colt division, Christian Platzeck bred the winner. He is by Count Up (by Conteur x Don Primero) out of Riskante (by Rubinbstern Noir) and scored 75 points. Two colts tied in second place with 74 points: a Christ x Paradiesvogel and a Quaterbak x Sandro Hit.

Top photo © Tanja Becker

Results - Foal Show - Lodbergen


  • 1. San Amour x De Niro - 83,0 points
    Breeder: Antje Kampert
  • 2. De Niro x Sir Donnerhall - 75,0 points
    Breeder: Hans Heinrich Hollmann
  • 3. Chinook x De Niro - 74,5points
    Breeder: Mari Hejmans
  • 4. Apache x Paradiesvogel - 74,0 points
    Breeder: Jessica Frauenrath


  • 1. Dante Weltino x Silvio - 81,0 points
    Breeder: Dieter Schmidt
  • 2. Foundation x De Niro - 78,0 points
    Breeder: Johannes Tönnies
  • 3. Bretton Woods x Latimer - 76,5 points
    Breeder: Zuchthof Up'n Sande
  • 4. Diamond Hit x Welt Hit II - 75,5 points
    Breeder: Isabel Hüppe
  • 5. Touch me x Donnerschwee - 75,0 points
    Breeder: Johannes Tönnies
  • 5. Sir Donnerhall I x Don Romantic - 75,0 points
    Breeder: Ulrich Brinkhus
  • 7. Dante Weltino x Quattro B - 74,5 points
    Breeder: Ludger Hilgefort

Results - Foal Show - Plaaz


  • 1. Mighty Magic out of Grace Kelly (by Grabensee) - 77.5 points
    Breeder: Melanie Ritter
  • 2. Quaterback out of Jolina (by Just Perfect) - 77 points
    breeder: Eberhard Mahncke
  • 3. Dante Weltino out of Helvetia (by Paradiesvogel) - 76.5
    Breeder: Steven Gibki
  • 4. Repertoire out of Flair (by First Boy) - 75.5 points
    breeder: Dietmar Scheufler
  • 4. Furstenball out of Raritat (by Riccione) - 75.5
    Breeder: Dr. Hartmut Rohrmann


  • 1. Count Up out of Riskante (by Rubinstern Noir) - 75 points
    Breeder: Christian Platzeck
  • 2. Christ out of Porta Paradieso (by Paradiesvogel) - 74 points
    Breeder: Eberhard Mahncke
  • 2 Quaterback out of Sina (by Sandro Hit) - 74 points
    Breeder: Helmut Frahm

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