Twenty-Five Horses on Dutch Long List for 2012 Verden World Championships

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 11:47
2012 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

Twenty-five horses were selected on the long list for Dutch representation at the 2012 World Championships for young dressage horses in Verden, Germany, on 1 - 5 August 2012. Fifteen 5-year olds and ten 6-year olds were picked by selectors Ernes, Hamminga and Van den Hoorn on the first official WCYH observation trail in Ermelo on Tuesday 10 April.

The first selection day started in rainy weather at 8.30 in the morning with the 5-year olds which each had to perform the preliminary test. Twenty-seven 5-year olds were registetred to compete and fifteen made the cut. Twenty-six 6-year olds were entered and only 10 were selected to continue the qualification process. Thanks the size of the KWPN society, Holland is allowed to send 6 combinations per age division to Verden.

The selected combinations are:

5-year olds

  • Casper (by Westpoint) – Fransje van der Meer
  • Chakakahn (by Sir Donnerhall) – Ellen Wynia
  • Charmeur (by Florencio) – Emmelie Scholtens
  • Checavara N (by Rubiquil) – Chantal Nijpjes
  • Chicago M.H. (by Vivaldi) – Jonna Schelstraete
  • Chinook (by Vivaldi) – Annieta Klip
  • Cirano (by United) – Lobke de Jong
  • Citho (by Johnson) – Willem-Jan Schotte
  • Clapton (by Jazz) – Justine Mudde
  • CSI (by United) – Jonna Schelstraete
  • Cachet L (by Jazz) – Mirelle van Kemenade-Witlox
  • Capri Sonne (by Rhodium) – Dinja van Liere
  • Cabola (by Vivaldi) – Philip van Ommen
  • Chagall D&R (by Jazz) – Marieke van der Putten
  • Vitalis (by Vivaldi) – Hans Peter Minderhoud

6-year olds

  • Bellestrade (by Olivi) – Arjan van Loon
  • Bentley (by UB 40) – Niels Bax
  • BlØf (by Painted Black) – Shani Pitcho
  • Bolsan (by Sandro Hit) – Jennifer Sekreve
  • Bombay (by Special D) – Jolanda de Pijper
  • Bordeaux (by United) – Eva Moller
  • Borencio (by Florencio) – Emmelie Scholtens
  • Boston STH (by Johnson) – Hans Peter Minderhoud
  • Santo Domingo (by Samba Hit II) – Emmelie Scholtens
  • So You Know (by Scandic) – Jennifer Sekreve

The second selection/observation trial takes place on Wednesday 18 April 2012 in Ermelo.

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