Parzival, KWPN Horse of the Year 2011

Sat, 02/04/2012 - 14:53
KWPN Breeding News

Adelinde Cornelissen's Dutch warmblood gelding Parzival has been named the KWPN Horse of the Year 2011. The horse, its owner and  breederwere honoured in a special ceremony at the 2012 KWPN Stallion Licensing in 's Hertogenbosch on Saturday 4 February 2012.

Twelve horses were nominated for the title KWPN Horse of the Year 2011; all of them stood out with their performances in sport or breeding. Parzival, however, was the one sticking out as the best dressage in the world of 2011.

Cornelissen and Parzival won the World Cup qualifiers in Stockholm, London, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, and 's Hertogenbosch as well as the Finals in Leipzig. They won Grand Prix Special and Kur gold and team bronze at the 2011 European Championships in Rotterdam.

Bert Wassenaar, chair of the KWPN committee, said that "Parzival has been at the top of the dressage world for years and this year was his highlight. The knight has become a king, the king of international dressage."

At the licensing, Adelinde's father came to represent the owners group (Jerich/Cornelissen) and he was joined by the breeders (family Beijer-de Kleijn). They will be taking him the Nimmerdorf Trophy for the year.

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