Victory Salute Continues Battle Against Toxic Laminitis

Wed, 11/30/2011 - 17:56
Australian Dressage News

Brett Parbery and Carolyn Lieutenant's Australian bred Hanoverian Victory Salute is continuing his arduous fight against toxic laminitis. While last weekend "Sam" probably reached a nadir in his battle against the disease, the last few days have been quite promising.

"Over the weekend Sam certainly had some bad moments and for the first time in this whole ordeal, he showed signs of giving up," Parbery explained. "We have always said that it will be Sam who decides what we should do and whilst ever he wants to go on living we will do whatever it takes to help him."

Parbery and his team are doing everything to save Sam and are trying different approaches to tackle the disease. "We have started incorporating some barefoot management techniques as opposed to some of the more rudimentary veterinary techniques and have decided to choose what we feel are the best of each field to see if we can get some stablisation in his feet," said Parbery.

"I am pleased to say that today he looked the best I have seen him in two weeks and I can't help but feel slightly positive looking into the future. I am however hesitant to be too positive because I know all too well the nature of this dreadful disease and know that all hopes can be dashed at the blink of an eye."

Photo © Astrid Appels

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