Elysium Farm Creates New Grant Fund for Breeding Programs in the U.S.A.

Tue, 09/06/2011 - 19:39
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American Abbey Henderson of Elysium Farm has established a new fund to help support breeding programs in the United States. The Fund provides financial assistance to breeders to pursue educational opportunities related to breeding

that will advance their careers, promote sound breeding practices and further enhance the quality of U.S.-bred dressage horses.

“I wanted to do something to support breeders in the United States ever since I found my ‘perfect’ horse, a locally-bred Dutch Warmblood. From that experience, among others, I gained a better understanding of the challenges facing breeders in this country. I learned how serious many of them are about improving the quality of U.S.-bred horses,” said Abbey Henderson, of Elysium Farm.

The Elysium Farm Fund for U.S. Breeder Excellence at The Dressage Foundation will begin making grants in 2012. Completed applications are due no later than May 1st for consideration. Maximum grants of $1,000 per year for programs held in the United States and $5,000 per year for programs held overseas are available. Additional funds may be available in future years, as donations increase the fund balance.

“Abbey had a vision and a passion for helping breeders in the United States," said Melissa Filipi, Development Director for The Dressage Foundation. "She took the first step by contacting the Foundation, and working with us to see this dream become a reality. Thanks to Abbey, Elysium Farm and this Fund, U.S. breeders will have the financial assistance needed to excel in their professional endeavors.”

Application and donation information for the Elysium Farm Fund for U.S. Breeder Excellence is available at The Dressage Foundation website, www.dressagefoundation.org, and the Elysium Farm website, www.elysiumdressage.net.

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