Sixty-two Horses Lined Up for German WCYH Selection Trial

Sat, 06/18/2011 - 17:41
2011 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

No systematic selection days, seminars and trainings sessions for the Germans; they pick their representatives for the 2011 World Young Horse Championships in Verden just on one day. Sixty-two horses are lined up for the German WCYH selection day in Warendorf, Germany, on 21 June 2011.

The selectors have to pick seven horses (and three reserves) per age division.

The German entries for their selection trial are:

5-year olds

  • Novia (by Stedinger x Alabaster) - Victoria Michalke
  • Paola (by Lord Loxley x Sandro Hit) - Christian Flamm
  • Professor Dumbledore (by Pasolongo x Matador) - Andrea Vodermaier
  • Radscha (by Rotspon x Wolkentanz I) - Ilsemarie Berkenbusch
  • Ravel (by Rotspon x Lauries Crusador xx) - Petra Stroetmann
  • Rihanna (by Ricardos x Sandro Hit) - Geertje Hesse
  • Royal Classic (by Royal Highness x Florestan) - Yvonne Reiser
  • Royalito (by Royal Blend x Worldly) - Sandra Frieling
  • Rubinio (by Roh Magic x Philipo) - Kristina Spaniol
  • Seneca (by Stedinger x De Niro) - Sabine Egbers
  • Shadow's Dream (by Sandro Hit x Rotspon) - Eckhard Wahlers
  • Showtime (by Sandro Hit x Rotspon) - Dorothee Schneider
  • Simply Nymphenburg (by Sir Donnerhall x Weltmeyer) - Tessa Frank
  • Sir Fashion (by Sir Donnerhall x Rosenkavalier) - Miranda Rongen (NED)
  • Sissy von der Heide (by Sandro Hit x Fidermark) - Holga Finken
  • Snap Shot (by Sir Donnerhall x Alabaster) - Nadine Plaster
  • So What a Feeling (by Sandro Hit x Ex Libris) - Katja Galmbacher
  • Standsfield (by Satisfaction x Graf Grannus) - Marco Buhrig
  • Stepp of Magic (by Samarant x Rubin Royal) - Victoria Michalke
  • Sunday (by Sandro Hit x Donnerhall) - Anja Wilimzig
  • Whitney (by Wolkensturmer x Fortissimo) - Lydia Camp
  • Bailador de Amor (by Breitling x Dimaggio) - Johannes Westendarp
  • Balesteros (by Belissimo M x Davignon) - Laura Hassler
  • Bentley (by Belissimo M x Weltmeyer) - Maria Andersen (DEN)
  • Branduardi (by Breitling x Weltmeyer) - Kathrin Meyer zu Strohen
  • Damon's Devine (by Damon Hill x Rubin Royal) - Helen Langehanenberg
  • De Champ (by Daddy Cool x Caprimond) - Anja Engelbart
  • Fairytale (by Fidertanz x Quattro B) - Isabel Bache (NOR)
  • Fasten Seat Belt (by Furst Piccolo x Sandro Hit) - Kevin Thomas
  • Flynn PCH (by Falsterbo x Walt Disney) - Marcus Hermes
  • Furstenball (by Furst Heinrich x Donnerhall) - Ines Westendarp
  • Hofliebe (by Hofrat x Wie Weltmeyer) - Anna Sophie Fiebelkorn
  • Loveliness (by Lord Loxley x Sir Shostakovitch xx) - Jana Freund

6-year olds

  • Wilson Pickett (by Wolkentanz I x Ravallo) - Esther Maruhn
  • Horatio (by Hochadel x Matcho AA) - Dorothee Schneider
  • Arietta (by Abanos x Lancer II) - Stefanie Wolf
  • Baron de Ley (by Breitling x Diego xx) - Brigitte Wittig
  • Bella Rosa (by Belissimo x Hohenstein) - Robin Beekink (NED)
  • Blanc Pain (by Peron Junior x Silvermoon) - Kristina Moller (DEN/LUX)
  • Wasabi OLD (by Welt Hit IV x Lancer I) - Victori Michalke
  • Damon Jerome (by Damon Hill x Guy Laroche) - Uta Gräf
  • Dandy Warhol (by Diamond Hit x Wittenberg) - Eckhard Wahlers
  • D'coeur Noble (by Don Crusador x Wanderer) - Ann Christin Wienkamp
  • Diamond Rex (by Dr Doolittle x Rubinstein) - Julia Funke
  • Don Bettino (by  Don Promero x Painters Row xx) - Christoph Koschel
  • For Romadour (by Furst Heinrich x Pik Bube I) - Wolfhard Witte
  • Franz Joseph (by Florencio x Coriograf B) - Ralf Kornprobst
  • Furstano (by Furst Heinrich x Brentano II) - Juliane Brunkhorst
  • Haydn (by His Highness x Wittinger) - Holga Finken
  • Hightime (by Hochadel x Walt Disney) - Annemarie Finger
  • Sonnenreiter (by Sir Donnerhall x Lord Sinclair) - John McCormack
  • Bellagio (by Belissimo M x Davignon) - Anna Sophie Fiebelkorn
  • FS Demiral (by Dimaggio x Hill Hawk xx) - Jana Freund
  • Pagalli (by Pasolongo x Wolkentanz II) - Max Wadenspanner
  • QC Sanvino (by Sandro Hit x Winrich) - Michele George (BEL)
  • Schickeria (by Sir Donnerhall x Weltmeyer) - Helen Langehanenberg
  • Sergio Rossi (by Sir Donnerhall x Rosenkavalier) - Kira Wulferding
  • Soliman de Hus (by Sandro Hit x Donnerhall) - Christian Flamm
  • Soulmate (by Sandro Hit x Calypso II) - Senta Kirchhoff
  • St. Emilion (by Sandro Hit x Ehrenwort) - Dorothee Schneider
  • Freak Blue Phantom (by Florencio x Feinbrand) - Kristina Moller (DEN/LUX)
  • Sunshine Lady (by Sir Donnerhall x Fidermark) - Stefanie Steinhauf

Photo © Barbara Schnell

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