Defalque Does It Again at 2011 CDIO-P Moorsele

Wed, 05/25/2011 - 20:57
2011 CDIO-PJYR Moorsele

Belgian FEI Pony Rider Charlotte Defalque did it again two weeks after the 2011 CDI-P Roosendaal. In the Nations' Cup CDIO at Zilveren Spoor in Moorsele, Belgium, Defalque won the first two FEI pony classes and just missed out on the victory in the Kur to Music. Aboard her Belgian Riding Pony gelding Epiascer (by Ten Ankers Jerolianca) she won the team test (72.917%) and individual (73.509%) and finished second in the Kur to Music (76.292%).

By being the top scoring pony riders at two consecutive CDI-P competitions in the past two weeks, Defalque is certainly on form and will be a strong candidate for a medal at the 2011 European Pony Championships if she can maintain this shape. Her hot and temperamental Epiascer has proven a handful in the past but the sensitive Delfaque, who is trained by Carmen de Bondt, has shown the crowds and judges that she rides with feeling and patience while maintaining a steady contact with the bit and keeping her pony uphill and at the vertical at all times.

Defalque's biggest competitor in the CDIO pony tour was Dutch Sanne Gilbers on the former reserve Bundeschampion (Baumann's) Daylight (by FS Don't Worry x Rosed.Tiberius). Coached by Coby van Baalen, the 16-year old Gilbers is in her last year as pony rider and is definitely making it count as contender for a spot on the Dutch pony team for the European Championships. The chestnut mare has tons of movement potential and is super elegant and lightfooted in trot. Also in canter she covers much ground and shows off her quality. However, there's still some work ahead of them improving the general throughness (durchlassigkeit) as Daylight sometimes crawls a bit behind the vertical or is not truly accepting the bit. Nevertheless, it is a stunning pony and with a few more months to go she can rise to greater heights.

In the nations' cup, Belgium took highest honour winning the big trophy with a total of 2306 points. Defalque was the anchor of the team and the second best contributor was Geoffrey de Roy on the Dutch Welsh bred gelding Ivano. De Roy presented his pony in a wonderful way, allowing the gelding to find his stride in trot and move with rhythm and suspension without rushing him through the voltes and traversal movements. The extended walk was good but in the collected walk there was some loss of clarity in rhythm. In canter the pony is obedient and balanced, but could be even a bit more loose and swinging in the back to get a solid 3-beat going. The pair scored 71.204% to finish in a wonderful second place in the team championship test.

The Dutch team finished second in the nations' cup wuth 2243 points. Sanne Gilbers was flanked by Weert based Jelle Peeters on the bay gelding Nandor (by Orchard d'Avranches). The 13-year old is new to the team but is already proving her worth by scoring high with her well moving pony. Nandor tilts his head a bit in the traversal movements and the pony's tail is like a hoisted flag up in the air in the extensions, but the pony is able to cover much ground in the lengthenings. With all that expression, the pony tends to lean a bit too much on the rider's hand but that's definitely a solvable problem for the future. The upcoming pair scored 70.417% in the team test (5th), 69.693% in the individual (3rd), and 74.792% in the Kur (3rd).

The French, who are loyal visitors of the CDIO Moorsele, placed third in the team competition with 2154 points. German based Joy Albeck spearheaded the tri-colour team aboard her new ride, the experienced Swedish bred pony Tim (by Helekis Timjan x Amiral). In the team test the pony was rushed through the trot work. The tempo was much too high and the pony lost his balance in the bends, but the traversal movements themselves were fabulous, especially the half pass left. The extended walk was excellent with huge overstep. The canter tour looked very routinely and the extensions were uphill and the highlight of the ride. They scored 70.463% and finished fourth. Albeck went on to score 66.974% in the individual (7th) and 67.375% in the kur (8th).

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