Belgian Dressage Committee Sets Out 2011 European Youth Team Selection Criteria

Fri, 02/25/2011 - 12:18
Belgian Dressage New

The Belgian Equestrian Federation has announced the criteria for team selection for the 2011 European Pony, Junior and Young Riders Championships which are held in Jazkowo (Poland) and Broholm (Denmark) in the summer this year.

"On 22 February we had a very constructive meeting with the riders, parents and trainers," Belgian youth riders' chef d'equipe Laurence van Doorslaer told Eurodressage. "Together with Jeroen van Lent, chair of the national dressage committee, we have notified the riders of a few changes in the FEI and national regulations. We also discussed the 2011 selection criteria."

To be considered for the team, a rider has to score 65% at least three times: two times at a CDI competition in the team or individual test and once at a national competition in the team or individual test.

The team is based on the results of the riders after the chef d'equipe has made a recommendation for team constitution. The results as well as the performance level during team nomination will be taken into account. In case of doubt between team candidates the national dressage committee can decide to send the candidates to an extra show. In that case the committee can also take into account the sportmanship of the candidates and their personal team.

Recommended competitions to obtain the CDI qualification scores are:

  • CDI Stadl Paura or CDI Addington
  • CDIO Saumur
  • CDI Roosendaal
  • CDI Moorsele
  • CDI Compiegne

Training seminars will be held begin March and mid April (test riding in front of an international judging panel) and probably another one round 7-8 July to prepare for the European Championships and to do team building.

The youth riders will also be divided into A, B and C teams. This 2011 team selection will be determined by the results achieved in the individual test. As of 1 Apri 2011, the riders have to gain the following scores in a period of 4 months:

  • A-team: 2 x 66% at a CDI or 2x 67% at a CDN or 1x 66% at a CDI as well as 1x 67% at a CDN
  • B-team: 2x 66% at a CDN and/or 2 x between 65% and 65,999% at a CDI
  • C-team: 2x above 64% at a CDN

A-team riders will have a priority advantage to select the CDI competition to their pleasing compared to B and C-team riders. The B and C-team riders will be allowed to fill up the allocated spots for international participation. The team list can change at all times during the season based on the obtained results.

To be considered on the European Championship team, one does not necessarily have to be an A-team rider, but the fitness of the combination as well as the sportmanship of the rider and his crew will also be determining for team selection. The National Dressage Committee has the decisive verdict in this matter.

A few new combinations or older combinations which have moved up the levels have already proven their form at national shows and will be aiming for CDI selection:

  • Pony Riders: Charlotte Defalque (with her second pony Rasputin) and Aline Kemps (Scampolo)
  • Junior Riders: Tess Bergen (Amor), Eline De Coninck (second horse Carat Diamond), Alexa Fairchild (Totall Tip Top) and Jorinde Verwimp (Tiano)
  • Young Riders: Noémie Goris (second horse Ucelli T), Mieke Mommen (Rocky), Laurence Roos (Ambaro Saturnus), Jorinde Verwimp (Smirnhoff)

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