German Triumvirate Rules 2011 CDI-P Zwolle

Fri, 01/07/2011 - 18:19
2011 CDI Zwolle

A German triumvirate ruled the pony riders' team championship test at the 2011 CDI Zwolle on Thursday morning 6 January 2011. Grete Linnemann, Sophie Kampmann and Anna-Lisa Theile captured the top three places and kept a large field of 30 competitors in total at bay.

The experienced German European Championship pony team rider Grete Linnemann rode her delicate dark bay German Reitpony mare Cinderella WE (by Constantin x Donnerhall) to an impressive 74.259% score, placing first with all three judges. The panel consisted of Wim Ernes (NED), Els Mouw (NED) and Isabelle Judet (FRA). 

The 14-year old Linnemann presented her mare with much energy and self carriage. Cinderella was light-footed in trot but could have been more consistent in her tempo and several of the half-halts were quite visible, which meddled with the harmony and smoothness of the rhythm. The canter work was excellent: consistent, well regulated and fault-free.

Though the judges distinctively placed Linnemann first, the best performance was easily a toss-up between Linnemann and Kampmann. The latter saddled Sven Rothenberger's 8-year old Dutch bred Den Ostriks Dailan (by Leuns veld Lord x Kranvelds Kadans) and probably lost the victory in the unsettled first part of her test. The halt at entry was not immobile and both trot half passes started out hesitatingly. The tempo control, however, was fantastic. Dailan showed wonderful self-carriage, the walk pirouette left was excellent and the canter tour well regulated. Kampmann outclassed her team mate Linnemann with the steady, light and soft contact with the bit she had. Sophie scored 71.666%.

Anna Lisa Theile and the 6-year old palomino stallion Desmond (by Dornik B x Power Boy) placed third with 70.601%. The young Theile was working hard on her pony, who regularly dropped behind the vertical both in trot and canter. The trot extensions and half passes were nice. In walk Desmond became quick in the rhythm and he slightly got stuck in the pirouette left. The canter part was much smoother and made Theile's score climb past the 70% barrier.

Danish Caroline Bording Smidt has three top quality FEI ponies at home to pick from. She brought the 11-year old German bred PSW Desperado (by Don't Worry x Domingo) to Zwolle to finish fourth in the team test. Smidt did a very good job steering her pony fault-free through the test, but Desperado lacks extravagance in his gaits compared to the higher placed ponies. They scored 69.861%.

The highest placing Dutch pair were Michelle de Jonge and her sensitive 8-year old Dutch bred pony gelding Hagelkruis Valentijn (by Leuns veld Lord x Zeldenrust's Neptun). The bay gelding is a true beauty, but he was quite spooky and frisky in the Ijsselhal indoor arena in Zwolle. His rider kept a heavy contact with the bit in an attempt to keep her pony in line and the trot work was quite rushed. The pony is built slightly croupe high which gives him a slightly downhill silhouette, but his beautiful front leg usage and pretty face make him a show stopper.  De Jonge scored 68.657% to rank fifth.

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