Laurenti, New Ride for Isabell Werth

Sun, 12/12/2010 - 17:40
German Dressage News

Isabell Werth has a new young star added to her already huge and impressive string of dressage horses. Werth's sponsor Madeleine Winter-Schulze acquired the 6-year old Oldenburg gelding Laurenti (by Laurentio x Walldorf). 

"He is a super horse, just brilliant," said Werth. "He's very huge, very powerful and with a lot of energy and presence. With my horses in good form and an exciting season ahead of me, I am thoroughly focussed and full of confidence."

Laurenti, who is bred by Erich Alberding, was previously owned by Dr. Uwe Schulten-Baumer and ridden by Ellen Schulten-Baumer, who wasn't enthused by the massive dark bay gelding, which stands 1.72m tall. Isabell got the opportunity to try him out and was amazed by his qualities. Mrs Winter-Schulze purchased the gelding for Werth to keep the ride.

"This is probably Isabell's third Olympic horse that came from me," the 84-year old Schulten-Baumer told German journalist Dieter Ludwig. Uwe scouted Laurenti at the Oldenburg Elite Auction in Vechta where he bought the dark bay for 47,000 euro. The grand dressage master also discovered Werth's Gigolo, which he had initially purchased for his son Uwe junior. Satchmo he acquired as a 2,5 year old at the Hanoverian stallion market for 42,500 euro.

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