Don Schufro Son Captures Champion's Title at 2010 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing

Sun, 11/21/2010 - 10:33
2010 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing

Colour grey is golden for the second consecutive year in Oldenburg. The Oldenburg Licensing Committee proclaimed the grey Don Schufro x Sandro Hit x Calypso I colt the champion of the 2010 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing

in Vechta, Germany, on Saturday morning 20 November 2010. The grey colt stood out all three days with his beautiful conformation, powerful expressive gaits and excellent jump over the fences. 

He is bred by Wilhelm Koch and was presented at the licensing by Hermann Lenders. At auction the stallion also became the price highlight selling for 210,000 euro to Andreas Helgstrand and Per Skjaerbaek of Priess Stutteri in Denmark. The colt received the name De Martino.

The committee picked the well-framed dark liver chestnut Floricello (by Florencio x Dormello x Feingau x Inschallah AA) as reserve champion. This absolutely gorgeous stallion has an outstanding front, is noble in his appearance but could have show more engagement and balance in his gaits. He is bred by Georg Sieverding, presented at the licensing by Michael Weber and sold at auction fro 80,000 euro to Sweden.

Eight stallions were selected for the premium ring. The number three of the lot was the refined, long legged Don Daxau (by Diamond Hit x Sandro Hit x Hohenstein) bred by Carmen Freiersleben and owned by Felix Tiemann and Victoria Michalke. The elegant black colt showed lovely gaits and much dressage potential, but was a bit stiff in the top line and needed more muscle development in his neck. He was not for sale.

The black Sir Donnerhall x K2 x Partout x Finlay M placed fourth. This tall stately stallion has an excellent motor behind but despite its activity and energy could have stepped under more. He is bred by Manfred Rüter and presented by Limbecker Gmbh.

The premium stallions were:

  • 1. De Martino (by Don Schufro x Sandro Hit x Calypso I)
  • 2. Floricello (by Florencio x Dormello x Feingau)
  • 3. Don Daxau (by Diamond Hit x Sandro Hit x Hohenstein)
  • 4. nameless (by Sir Donnerhall x K2 x Partout)
  • 5. Roi du Soleil (by Rosandro x August der Starke x Rohdiamant)
  • 6. Seine Hoheit (by Swarovski x Furst Heinrich x Prestige Pilot)
  • 7. Secret Krack (by Sir Donnerhall x Royal Diamond x Krack C)
  • 8. nameless (by Quaterback x Farinelli x Beaujolais)

The licensed Sandro Hit x Don Gregory x Picasso did not make it to the premium ring but was wanted by buyers. He sold for 85,000 euro to a Lower Saxony based station. The licensed Dimaggio x Diamond Hit sold for 75,000 euro. Blue Hors stud bought the licensed Quaterback x Donnerhall for 56,000 euro.

The most expensive non-licensed stallion was the Sandro Hit x De Niro x Feiner Stern which sold for 24,000 euro to Sweden. The average auction price for a licensed stallion was 55,649 euro, for a non-licensed stallion 14,286 euro.

Text and Photo © Astrid Appels

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