Quarantine Facility Ready for 2010 WEG Equine Athletes

Thu, 09/16/2010 - 13:39
2010 World Equestrian Games

A temporary equine quarantine facility at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport is ready to facilitate the entry of horses from around the world competing in the eight World Championships of the 2010 World Equestrian Games, September 25-October 10 at the Kentucky Horse Park.

The World Games 2010 Foundation worked in conjunction with officials from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport, the US Department of Agriculture and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to have the Airport classed as a temporary port of entry for the horses coming to compete.

Almost 500 horses are anticipated to pass through this new temporary facility on their way to the Kentucky Horse Park. The horses will be coming from Europe and the Middle East through Belgium on non-stop flights. The first horses are scheduled to arrive on September 16th. Approximately 50 horses and their attendants will travel on each of these special flights into the Airport.

The importation of horses into the US is supervised by the USDA in order to monitor the health of animals. Horses that are imported from Europe and the Middle East via the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport must undergo a minimum 42 hour quarantine on arrival in the US and will use this facility, which will be managed by the KY Department of Agriculture in conjunction with the veterinarians from the World Games.

Horses may be imported into the United States provided they meet strict requirements. All horses must be accompanied by an official health certificate written in English. The official health certificate must be signed by a full-time veterinary officer of the National Government of the country of export. These requirements and the quarantine period exist to guarantee the health and safety of animals already residing within US borders against health threats from other countries.

Upon arrival at the airport, all horses and equipment are immediately placed in the care of the USDA/KY Department of Agriculture and veterinarians from the World Games, and are taken to the Quarantine Facility. Access to the animals is restricted to authorized personnel and the animal’s regular attendant who must follow regulations and must be supervised by a USDA/KY Department of Agriculture/WEG employee at all times. The facility is a high security area, surrounded by a double fence and 24 hour security.

After the quarantine period, if the animal is given approval, it will be released from quarantine and transported to the Kentucky Horse Park to compete in the 2010 World Equestrian Games.

Any imported horses suspected of having a communicable disease will be kept in quarantine and will not be allowed to be transported to the Horse Park until the issue is resolved.

-- FEI Games Press Release

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