Trakehner Riding Horses Selected for 2010 Bundeschampionate

Wed, 08/04/2010 - 11:38
2010 Bundeschampionate

Following the 2010 International Trakehner Championships in Hanover, Germany, the Trakehner Breed Society selected the combinations which will represent their breed at the 2010 Bundeschampionate in Warendorf, Germany, the first week of September.

The selected Trakehner Riding Horses are:

3-year old mares and geldings:

  • Keanu (by Lücke x Buddenbrock)  - Dirk Seewald
  • Bugatti (by Tambour x Partout) - Sabine Oberdieck
  • Reserve 1: Maxima (by Easy Game x Ravel) - Mareike Peckholz
  • Reserve 2: Praise Me (by Goldschmidt x Tuareg) -  Jana Freund

3-year old stallions:

  • All Inclusive  (by Gribaldi x Buddenbrock) -  Hannes Lütt
  • Kentucky  (by Donaufels x Lehndorff´s) -  Johann Svensson
  • Oettingen  (by Easy Game x Caprimond) -  Ralf Kornprobst

4-year old mares and geldings:

  • Herzritter (by  Le Rouge x Tivano) -  Thomas Wagner
  • Goleo, (by Le Rouge x Sixtus) -  Vera Nass
  • Reserve 1: Hennessy (by Le Rouge x Wolfsprinz) -  Marie Jaeger

4-year old stallions:

  • Redecker  (by Kasparow x Couleur Fürst) -  Markus Waterhues

Photo © Jutta Bauernschmitt

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