De Deken and Verliefden, Belgian Representatives in 2010 Aachen Under 25 Competition

Tue, 07/13/2010 - 21:10
2010 CDIO Aachen

Belgium decided to throw its hat in the ring and participate in the newly created competition for young Grand Prix riders below the age of 25 in Aachen. Two riders, Julie de Deken and Fanny Verliefden, who are quite experienced on the international stage

will represent Belgium, a small dressage nation with a growing group of dedicated riders and investors.

Julie de Deken is 24 years old. She is not a professional rider. After having gained her Bachelor degree in Psychology she wants to continue her studies for another year focusing on Sports Management.
Julie started riding when she was four years old. Soon she became a member of the national pony team through which she gathered her first experience on European and international level. She managed a smooth transition to the junior and young rider class remaining in the corresponding national team and competing her mounts Romero (by Ritual) and Widor (by Wanderbusch II x Pikor) in the same categories.

As a senior rider De Deken has always been a member of the small tour team aboard her talented Westfalian gelding Fazzino (by Florestan x Rivellino xx). Only in February 2010 did she make the transition to the big tour. Julie’s biggest achievements with Fazzino so far are twice a second place at the CDI Mechelen and becoming the triple consecutive Belgian champion.

In Aachen De Deken will present her 12-year old chestnut gelding Fazzino, which she bought when he was a 6-year old. Under the auspices of Tineke and Imke Bartels she the young duo moved up to Grand Prix level together.

“He is a very enthusiastic horse in work and in the stable. He likes to exercise and besides he learns very fast,” said Julie about her sport partner. “And his taste is a very special one – he loves bananas and really asks for them when training is finished.”

“The nomination for Aachen came as a real surprise,” Julie said. “We were informed no earlier than three weeks before the competition. I even had to change my schedule because I had planned to participate in another show that weekend.” Therefore, De Deken and Fazzino have intensified their training in order to improve certain details. “Besides I can make use of the knowledge I gained during my psychology studies and prepare myself mentally. Thus I can cope much better with stress, if necessary.”

Julie wants to enjoy her rides in Aachen: “In my point of view it is the biggest and most famous show of the year. It means a lot to me that I have the opportunity to be there.” Her goal is to present a nice test without big mistakes. “It is my first international on Grand Prix level, therefore I am very glad if I can finish the test around 65%,” she admitted.

Fanny Verliefden, Julie’s teammate in Aachen, is no greenhorn regarding Aachen. Aboard her 15-year-old black stallion Rubel (by Rubinstein) she already rode at this prestigious show last year. They have been a steady member on the Belgian Grand Prix team at the 2009 CDIO Rotterdam as well as the 2009 CDIO Saumur. Trained by Wim Verwimp, Verliefden became a bronze medallist at the 2009 Belgian Championships.

by Irmgard Peterek for Eurodressage
Photos © Dirk Caremans - Astrid Appels 

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