Selten HW and Wakeup Obtain American WCYH Qualfication Score

Mon, 05/31/2010 - 19:17
2010 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

Last year there were no American young dressage horses which were able to achieve the 8.2. U.S. qualification standard to compete at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden, Germany. This year change seem to have come as the 5-year old Wakeup and the 6-year old Selten HW scored above 8.2 at the Central and West Coast Young Horse Selection trials.

Elizabeth Ball and the 6-year old Hanoverian Selten HW (by Sandro Hit x Hohenstein) won the 6-year old FEI Young Horse test at Dressage at Flintridge last weekend. The show counted as West Coast qualifier for the American Young Dressage Horse Championships, but scores obtained at these trials also count towards selection for the World Championships in Verden. Selten HW was the U.S. Young Horse champion as a 4 and 5-year old.

At the Central Young Horse selection trial at Dressage at Lamplight, Kansas city based Emily Wagner scored twice above 8 aboard her 5-year old American Warmblood registered stallion Wakeup (by Wagnis x Matcho AA). Their overall show score was 8.232 which earned them a ticket to Verden. 

The East Coast young horse finals are at VADA Summer June Dressage in Leesburg, VA,  next weekend.

The results of all three U.S. young horse selection trials will be tallied and horse/rider combinations from each age group with an average of at least 7.8 from the selection trials shall be ranked on the U.S. Young Horse Short List. Horses with an average of 8.2 or higher will be eligible to represent the United States at the World Championships in Verden. 

Photo © Mary Phelps

Results - Central - Dressage at Lamplight

5-year old Dressage Horses

  • 1. Emily Wagner - Wakeup - 8.232
  • 2. Shelly Reichart - Beall Spring Savanna - 7,384
  • 3. Nadine Schlonsok - Fernando - 6,984

6-year old Dressage Horses

  • 1. Kassandra Barteau - GP Super Crusador - 7,468

Results - West Coast - Dressage at Flintridge

5-year old Dressage Horses

  • 1. Mark Carter - Bellino -  76.280%
  • 2. Willy Arts - Amethyst -  76.000%
  • 3. Merrie Velden - Sir Linus - 68.000%

6-year old Dressage Horses

  • 1. Elizabeth Ball - Selten HW - 85.640%
  • 2. Willy Arts - Zalona DG - 77.360%
  • 3. Lars Holmberg - Pikko del Riu - 68.840%

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