Twenty Colts Approved at the 2010 Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing

Sat, 03/13/2010 - 00:00
2010 Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing

After having evaluated the 54 young colts on hard surface, in the lunge line and loose, or in free jumping, the licensing committee have announced 20 colts forward to the final licensing Sunday. They consist of 11 dressage colts and 9 colts of jumping bloodlines; 10 of the colts are Danish bred and 10 have been imported.

Spokesman of the licensing committee Poul Graugaard expressed his satisfaction with the final collection of approved colts and ensured that there will be a strong group of premium colts Sunday afternoon.

The 20 colts approved for performance testing are:

3-year-old dressage colts

  • Bøgegårdens Boney M (by Belissimo M / Worldly)
    Owner: Stina og Jørgen Schmidt, Bolderslev
  • Barolo V. (by Blue Hors Don Romantic / Waldstern)
    Owner: Johnny Kristensen, Gandrup
  • Gullhøjs Don Giovanni (by Blue Hors Don Romantic / Adenauer)
    Owner: Jeannette og Torben Andersen, Snertinge
  • Bucklands Valentin (by Blue Hors Don Romantic / Münchhausen)
    Owner: Hanne Nørgaard og Lars Schmidt, Egtved
  • Dexter Stensvang (by Blue Hors Don Schufro / Blue Hors Cavan)
    Owner: Blue Hors ApS
  • Hot Shot (by Blue Hors Hotline / Welt Hit I)I
    Owner: Blue Hors ApS
  • Lillevangs Rush (by Blue Hors Rush Hour / Akinos)
    Owner: Jytte og Poul-Erik Simonsen, Nykøbing Sj.
  • Soreldo (by Sorento / Ronaldo)
    Owner: Støvring Hingstedepot
  • Touch Me (by Tuschinski / Kennedy)
    Owner: Blue Hors ApS
  • Rausing (by Rock Forever / Dimension)
    Owner: Andreas Helgstrand

3-year-old jumping colts

  • Charlton Sem (by Cajus / Charmeur)
    Owner: Stutteri Ask
  • Catch It Ask (by Casall / Locato) 
    Owner: Stutteri Ask
  • Companiero (by Colman / Barnaul xx)
    Owner: Hengststation Völz, Tyskland
  • Heart-Throb BS (by Heartbeat / Barnaul xx) 
    Owner: Stald Cajus og Alexander Munch-Christiansen
  • Heart-Ache BS (by Heartbeat / Candillo)
    Owner: Stald Cajus
  • Last Man's Hope (by Last Man Standing / Conteros) 
    Owner: Schou & Skouboe og Schockemöhle

3-year-old refined (halfbred) jumping colt

  • Glen Todd (by Glenlivet Sebioune / Dorpas X) 
    Owner: Gitte og Niels Hausgaard, Løkken

4-year-old dressage colt

  • Sir Salvador (by Sir Oldenburg / Donnerhall)
    Owner: Inge Madsen og Aage Ørum

4-year-old jumping colts

  • Casilius (by Casall / Cambridge)
    Owner: Schou & Skouboe
  • Toulouse (by Toulon / Padarco)
    Owner: Schou & Skouboe og Schockemöhle

Sunday afternoon all stallions will be back in the main ring for the final licensing and premium awards.

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