Trakehner Riding Horses Selected for 2009 Bundeschampionate

Thu, 08/13/2009 - 00:00
2009 Bundeschampionate

The 2009 Trakehner Championships took place in Hannover, Germany, mid July. Following this event, the Trakehner society was able to assemble the list of qualified Trakehner riding horses that will represent their breed at the 2009 Bundeschampionate in Warendorf, Germany, the first week of September.

3-year old Mares and Geldings

  • Karvina, by Hibiskusout of Karmen IV (by Fontainbleau - Polargeist)
    Breeder: Hartmut Sylla, Burgwedel 
    Rider: Andrea Müller-Kersten

3-year old Stallions

  • Amadelio, by EH Lehndorffs out of SPS Amadelia (by Lauries Crusador xx - Polargeist)
    Breeder: Peter Oellrich, Springe
    Rider: Mareike Peckholz.
  • Kaspian, by EH King Arthur TSF out of SPS Kosima XIX (by Ivernel - EH Charly Chaplin)
    Breeder: Nicole Offen, Hamburg 
    Rider: Hannes Lütt.
  • Redecker, by Kasparow out of Ragnit VII (by Couleur Fürst - Kopernikus)
    Breeder: Gisela Gunia, Uslar
    Rider: Mareike Peckholz

4-year old Mares and Geldings

  • Ludwig, by Elitär out of Lena II (by Caprimond - Falke)
    Breeder: Hartmut Gremmes 
    Rider: Sandra Frieling.
  • Valencia, by Hofrat out of PS Vesalia (by Pretty Dancer - Louidor)
    Breeder: Klaus Schweisfurth
    Rider: Michaela Pieper

4-year old Stallions

  • Grand Passion, by Oliver Twist out of SPS Gipsy Rose (by Polarion - Camelot)
    Breeder: the Heinen Family, Issum 
    Rider: Stefanie Kerner.
  • Singolo, by Oliver Twist out of SPS Shakira (by Biotop - Königspark xx)
    Breeder: the Heinen Family, Issum
    Rider: Silke Huneke
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