British Junior and Young Riders Teams Announced

Tue, 07/07/2009 - 00:00
2009 European Junior and Young Riders Championships

The British Equestrian Federation has announced the Junior and Young Riders team that will represent Great Britain at the 2009 European Junior and Young Riders Championships held in Ermelo, The Netherlands, August 4-9, 2009

The Junior Riders Team includes:

  • Alexandria Barr - Janeiro VI or Davingell 
  • Melissa Beer - Celestial King 
  • Samantha Brown - Kwadraat 
  • Elizabeth Corrie - Broomford Locarno
    • Reserve: Emily Harris - Washington l03

The Young Riders Team consists of:

  • Charles Hutton - Merlin Nemorensis or Abira 
  • Lara Griffith - Dawning Hopes 
  • Alice Oppenheimer - Wurlizer

The fourth team member & reserve to be chosen from Emily Cousins - Solo Bacherlorette and Rebecca Drane - Half Moon Bardolino.

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