Dutch Junior and Young Rider Team Announced at 2008 CDIO Rotterdam

Sat, 06/21/2008 - 00:00
2008 European Junior and Young Riders Championships

The Dutch Equestrian Federation and Junior/Young Rider Chef d'Equipe Tineke Bartels announced the two teams that will represent The Netherlands at the 2008 European Junior and Young Riders Championships in Azeitoa, Portugal, July 17-20, 2008.

The Dutch Junior Riders Team includes:

  • Marjolein Cho Chia Yuen - Cho's Pepper (by Pablo)
  • Michelle van Lanen - Incredible (by Voltaire)
  • Angela Krooswijk - Roman Nature (by Rohdiamant)
  • Jarissa van Silfhout - Trappel (by Havel)
  • Reserve: Laurens Sliepenbeek - Ode (by Jazz)

The Dutch Young Riders Team includes:

  • Lotje Schoots - Torricelli (by Florestan) or Reine B (by Rubinstein)
  • Diederik van Silfhout - Rube (by Rohdiamant)
  • Marrigje van Baalen - Don Cardinale (by Donnerhall)
  • Cindy van den Berg - Mix (by Cocktail)
  • Reserve: Chantal van Lanen - Beaujolais (by Bright Speed)

The reserve young riders spot initially went to Inge Verbeek with Quidor but she passed her place on to Chantal van Lanen.

The final Dutch selection trial for juniors and young riders at the CDIO Rotterdam was no smooth sailing. Several riders performed below form. Van Silfhout's Ruby was too tense, Angela Krooswijk rode too conservative and Michelle van Lanen's Incredible was not entirely level.

Chef d'Equipe Tineke Bartels was worried. "I had especially invited expensive international judges and then couldn't give high points to the combinations," Bartels told Dutch magazine De Hoefslag.

Judges Wim Ernes (Young Riders) and Ghislain Fouarge (Junior Riders) thought that the participants rode too safely or made mistakes. "The combinations levelled each other out, one was better in trot, the other in other movements. Then it can happen that the scores are not so high and the point differences between them small," these two judges said.

Source: De Hoefslag

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