FEI Veterinary Committee Condems Hyperflexion

Sat, 04/12/2008 - 00:00
FEI Dressage News

The FEI Veterinary Committee made a statement on their position towards the Rollkur, also called hyperflexion, at the FEI bureau meeting in Interlaken, Switzerland, April 10, 2008.

The following statement was adopted: "There are no known clinical side effects specifically arising from the use of hyperflexion, however there are serious concerns for a horse's well-being if the technique is not practiced correctly. The FEI condemns hyperflexion in any equestrian sport as an example of mental abuse. The FEI states that it does not support the practice."

The Veterinary Committee also presented the following items: 

Treatment AND Anti-doping: 
- the urine detection times of 13 out of the 15 substances included in the Medicine Box have been finalised; 
- Risk management in connection with new substances coming to the market will continue; 
- Education of riders, trainers and veterinarians as well as proactive contacts with the media will be developed; 
- an electronic web-portal access for Treating Veterinarians will be developed;
- support Latin America in setting up a reference laboratory;
- The FEI Competitor Guide to Doping and Medication Control in now available in five languages medication leaflet in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic).

HORSE MOVEMENT: facilitate the testing and certification protocol for temporary importation; increasing acceptance of the model health certificate; pro-active approach to National Federations and Organising Committees; develop contingency plans for emerging disease situation. 

HYPERSENSITISATION: It was decided to carry forward the updated protocol for event checks. The pilot study on competition intensity was also to be pursued.

Endurance: Research on fatigue and metabolic compromise, also in hot and humid conditions, should be continued when budgetary possible. Star system for event veterinarians should be evaluated further.

Vaccination: Further clarification on vaccination rules was tabled.

The following main strategic goals were identified for the coming three years:

Movement of Horses: Acceptance of Testing and Certification protocol
Medication Control: Review programme funding and testing coverage
Research: Monitoring progress of associated projects (competition surfaces project)
Create dedicated web portal to provide support to treating veterinarians

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