2007 French Dressage Astley Award Ceremony in French Senate

Sun, 10/28/2007 - 00:00
French Dressage News

On 14 November 2007 the Astley Academy and the French Equestrian Federation will bring together the leading figures of Dressage in the French Senate, the high chamber of French Parliament, and give awards to those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the development and promotion of equestrian culture through their achievements, initiatives and investment.

Founded by Odile Reynaud and Jean-Charles Bourdier, owners of the Haras de la Ferrandière near Paris, in partnership with the French Horse-riding Federation, the Academy comprises 26 established figures from the horse-riding world and aims to promote dressage. Inspired by the model of literary academies, the Astley Academy attributes annual awards to the most outstanding characters in French Dressage of the past year.

The Astley Award Ceremony takes place for the second consecutive year at the Senate in the Luxembourg Palace. The 2006 prize-winners included Karen Tebar, Constance Ménard, Dominique d’Esmé and Hubert Perring.

In addition to ‘Best Combination’, ‘Breeder’, ‘Owner’ and ‘Dressage Competition Organiser’, the Astley Academy will create awards for media and cultural initiatives which promote Dressage in France. Each award-winner will receive a magnificent sculpture specially created for the event, symbolising the fusion between Horse and Man.

For more information on the Academy, please visit the websites www.academieastley.com and www.harasdelaferrandiere.com 

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