Twelve Horses to the 2007 HKM Upcoming Grand Prix Horse Finals in Paderborn

Fri, 10/19/2007 - 00:00
2007 HKM Upcoming Grand Prix Horse Finals

Twelve horses have been qualified for the first HKM Upcoming Grand Prix Horse Finals held in Paderborn, Germany, November 2-4, 2007. The HKM Upcoming Grand Horse show circuit was established this year by the German Equestrian Federation to make the transition from small tour to big tour easier for 8- to 10-year old FEI horses.

Four HKM qualifiers were held this year. The kick-off was at the Horses & Dreams show in Hagen, followed by three more competitions in Heroldsberg, Balve and Langen. Twelve combinations were able to qualify for the big finals in Paderborn. They are:

  • Limited Edition - Sabine Egbers (Gölenkamp) - pictured above
  • Famous Boy - Bianca Kasselmann (Hagen) - pictured below
  • Wonder FRH - Kathleen Keller (Bad Bevensen)
  • Corado - Matthias Kempkes (Münsing)
  • Floresco - Patrik Kittel (Schweden/Nottuln)
  • Comic Hilltop FRH - Carola Koppelmann (Warendorf)
  • Beaujolais-Primeur - Volker Möller (Neuhof)
  • Whizzkid - Christoph Niemann (Mannheim)
  • Kaiserkult - Dorothee Schneider (Framersheim)
  • Quin Quattro - Anke Unger (Düsseldorf)
  • Charatan W - Brigitte Wittig (Rahden)
  • Berkeley W - Wolfram Wittig (Rahden)

It is worth noting that 3 of these 12 horses are former PSI auction horses. Limited Edition (by Lord Sinclair) sold at the 2003 P.S.I. auction to the Hartmann family, who still owns him and keeps him in training with Wolfgang and Sabine Egbers. Whizzkid (by Welt Hit II) sold at the 2001 P.S.I. auction to Mrs. Christina Ullrich. She still owns the horse, which is bred by Ullrich Kasselmann himself, and has the horse in training with Christoph Niemann. The third qualified PSI horse is Famous Boy (by Feiner Stern). The bay sold at the 2001 PSI auction to the U.S.A and was in the stables of David Wilson. He was bought back by the Kasselmann family as seven year old and is currently ridden by Bianca Kasselmann.

Photos courtesy: Ruchel

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