Skodborg Merrald, Kasprzak, and Bendix, 2007 Danish Dressage Champions

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2007 Danish Youth Riders Championships

Nanna Skodborg Merrald, Anne Kasprzak and Anne Bendix became the new Danish Dressage Champions at the 2007 Danish Youth Rider Dressage Championships held at Broholm, Denmark, September 7-9, 2007.

Nanna Skodborg Merrald won the FEI pony division. In Denmark, the pony classes are divided into groups depending on the height of the pony. Skodborg Merrald won the FEI pony class for the tallest ponies. Aboard Centrum, she beat silver medallist Julie Dankau on Dornick Son and bronze medallist Rikke Lindberg on Brooklands Moonwalker. One pony category smaller, Danish pony team rider Cathrine Dufour took the gold aboard Moonlight, while Christina Møller and Casio were good for silver and Sofie Hougaard on Simon won bronze.

The new Danish Junior Rider champion is Anna Kasprzak on the licensed stallion Blue Hors Future Cup (by Florestan). The pair scored 76,40% for their kur to music and totalled 219.35% after three rounds. They reigned supreme, claimed the gold, distancing themselves far from silver medallists Louise Mølby on Nivea Stauslykke who achieved 201,55% in total. The bronze went to Michelle Dahl Andersen on Mosegårdens Rico (197,70%).

Anne Bendix and Cappuccino D were the last pair to go in the Kur to Music finals, but they won the class with 74,4% and scored a bit more (212,37%) than silver medallists Annemette Summers Mortensen on Mitchell Imhoff. Mortensen received 73% from the judges for her kur and had an overall score of 210,42%. The bronze went to Michael Sogaard's student Sofie Jeppesen on Robin (205,53%).


2007 Danish Pony Rider Championship

Category 1

  • 1. Nanna Skodborg Merrald - Centrum
  • 2. Julie Dankau - Dornick-Son
  • 3. Rikke Lindberg - Brooklands Moonwalker

Category 2

  • 1. Cathrine Dufour - Moonlight
  • 2. Christina Møller - Casio
  • 3. Sofie Hougaard - Simon

2007 Danish Junior Rider Championship

  • 1. Anne Kasprzak - Blue Horse Future Cup – 219,35%
  • 2. Louise Mølby - Nivea Stauslykke – 201,55%
  • 3. Michelle Dahl Andersen - Mosegårdens Rico – 197,70%

2007 Danish Young Rider Championship

  • 1. Anne Bendix - Capuccino D – 212,37%
  • 2. Annemette Summers Mortensen - Mitchell Imhoff – 210,42%
  • 3. Sofie Jeppesen - Robin – 205,53% 

Text and Photo source: Ridehesten

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