Belgian AA Talent Plan and AA Talent Team Created

Tue, 01/16/2007 - 00:00
Belgian Dressage News

The Belgian Flemmish Equestrian Federation (VLP) has announced the creation of the AA Talent Plan and AA Talent Team. Basing itself on the tremendous successes of the Dutch Rabobank Talent Plan

, the Belgian Equestrian Federation decided to follow the Dutch example and created a similar plan and team in Belgium.

The Plan is sponsored by AA Drink, a soft drink of the company United Softdrinks. They will financially support the plan for two years and took an option on an extension of one year.

The AA Talent Plan includes riders between 16 and 25 years of age competing either in dressage, show jumping or eventing. The AA Talent Plan will guide these young riders and scout for new talent. The AA Talent Team includes an A and B-team and a Talent of the Year will be proclaimed at the end of each competition year. The Talent Team will be guided by an Expert Platform of confirmed equestrian professionals.

The AA Talent Team for Dressage includes:


  • De Deken Julie
  • Van Campen Ruth
  • Volders Hannelore


  • Cool Isabel
  • Hoet Anouck
  • Vandenberghe Thibault
  • Verliefden Fanny

The Dressage Expert Platform includes:

  • Cuypers Carl
  • De Bondt Carmen
  • De Ridder Ton
  • Devroe Jeroen
  • Engelen David
  • Lunskens Mieke
  • Pieters Peter
  • Schlack Gudrun
  • Smits Vicky
  • Van Daele Jacques
  • Van Doorslaer Laurence
  • Van Lent-Baetens Sophie
  • Verbocht Corry
  • Verwimp Wim
  • Withages Mariette

More news on the AA Talent Plan to appear soon

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