Elena Petushkova Passed Away

Wed, 01/10/2007 - 00:00
Russian Dressage News

Elena Petushkova, former Olympic dressage champion and vice-president of the Russian National Federation, passed away on January 8 after a hard and long illness. She was a legendary rider, monumental for Russian Dressage and Equestrianism.

Petushkova just turned 66 on November 17, 2006.

Petushkova claimed international fame aboard the Russian Trakehner stallion Pepel (by Piligrim out of Polyn). They won team silver at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico, they were World and European Champion in Aachen in 1971. At the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich they won team gold and individual silver. They claimed bronze at the 1975 European Championships in Kiev. Pepel and Petushkova's final show together were the 1977 Russian Championships. They were a solid successful combination for 13 years.

In her book "Travelling on a Saddle Through the Route of Life," she wrote that Pepel "was originally intended for triathlon. He was an excellent jumper but a cataract was found in his left eye –probably as a result of it being pricked when he was a foal. Those who did not know, however, believed that Pepel’s left eye was just blue. He could see with it, but only partially. Pepel was proud, independent and a real personality! Perhaps, the expression "personality of a horse" may sound like a paradox to some people, but only for those who are not close to animals."

Petushkova continued showing horses and booked more successes with the Akhal Teke bred Abakan, with whol she won the 1979 Russian Dressage Championships.

Following her sporting career, Dr. Petushkova devoted much of her time to promoting and developing Dressage in Russia, working at all levels, as a member of the FEI Dressage Committee from 1978 – 1982, International FEI Dressage Judge from 1998-1999 and as FEI Bureau Member and Group III Chairman from 1995-2004. Her contributions to the sport both internationally and in Russia are immeasurable. The commemorative ceremony will take place on 11 January in Moscow at 10.00

"After the end of her sport career she devoted the rest of her life to the promotion and development of dressage in Russia. I will remember her as a very good friend," Polish O-judge Wojciech Markowski told Eurodressage.

Photo courtesy: Tatiana/Russian Warmblood

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