Sandro Hit Euphoria At One of the Best Oldenburg Stallion Licensings Ever

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2006 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing
Status Quo, champion of the 2006 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Astrid Appels

The use of superlatives is required when describing the quality of the stallions presented at the 2006 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing in Vechta, Germany, November 23-25, 2006.

Never before has such a big amount of horses of outstanding quality been exhibited. The dominating impact of sire Sandro Hit on the Oldenburg breed is undeniable. At the 2006 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing it was the Sandro Hit offspring that dictated the standard of modernity, elegance and performance of the young stallions that were born in 2004.

The licensing committee, consisting of Georg Thole, Soren Pedersen, Wolfgang Schulze Schleppinghoff, Wolfram Wittig and Ulrich Henschke, licensed 36 of 67 presented stallions and selected the Stedinger x Quattro B colt as Champion of the Licensing. The gigantic dark bay stallion was the favourite of the public and each time received the most applause upon entering the ring. The stallion had such an amazing power trot, showing great rhythm, engagement and superb suspension. He also has a beautiful face and neck.

His conformation and self expression have 'breeding sire' and 'father figure' written all over, but one can not deny that the way he looked -- so mature and muscled up -- was a bit unusual and disturbing for a 2,5 year old young colt. The Stedinger x Quattro looked like an 8-year old stallion who has already been breeding for 5 years, not a young colt who has been plucked from the field and prepared for the licensing. Also, the conformation of his hindquarters wasn't textbook; they looked very show jumperlike with a sloping top line from croup to tail. The walk of this stallion wasn't very good, but his superiority in trot and his gorgeous self expression earned him the title of licensing champion, according to the selection committee.

The champion is by former licensing champion Stedinger (Sandro Hit x Landadel) out of Tiara, who is by Quattro B out of the Rastede Champion mare and State Premium mare Lady Madonna (Landor S x Argentinus). The breeder of this stallion is Clemens Fleming and the dark bay colt is owned by Dietmar Knaup of Gestut Tenterhof from Ratingen. The stallion will be standing at stud at Hengststation Böckmann. He was not offered for sale in the auction.


Six out of Ten Premium Stallions Have Sandro Hit Blood

Ten stallions out of 37 licensed ones were selected for the premium ring. Four of those were direct Sandro Hit offspring, and two were by Sandro Hit sons (Stedinger and Sunny Boy). The committee selected the Sandro Hit x Don Gregory as Reserve Licensing Champion. This pitch black stallion is bred by Gottfried Wessjohann and presented by Arndt and Wilhelm Schwierking. He is out of Elite Mare Herzdame (by Don Gregory x Rubinstein x Furioso II).

This black stallion is a very lightfooted mover with much elasticity in his body and a good round canter working over the back. The walk was mediocre. The black stallion was a slightly croup high and did move with his hocks tightly together, but his overall suppleness earned him a place in the premium ring. However, giving him the reserve champion's title might have been a bit too generous.

Many will agree that the stallion who should have earned the champion's title was the third placed premium stallion by Sandro Hit out of the very famous Elite Mare Puppenfee (by Plaisir d'Amour x Figaro x Kronprinz xx). Talk about a horse with an X-factor, this long legged, highly elegant black stallion had the most lofty, graceful and engaged trot with a world class front leg and a hind leg that tracks up. He has a delightful conformation but after three days of licensing, he stood tired on front legs bending forward a bit.

The quality of the collection young stallions was very good in general -- about five young stallions were awe inspiring -- but it was striking that there was not one top ranked "complete" stallion in this licensing with a great conformation, an outstanding walk as well as a trot. Several stallion had one breath taking gait, but failed in the other. This also goes for the Sandro Hit x Plaisir d'Amour, whose walk was below par (unfortunately like so many walks of of Sandro Hit offspring). Nevertheless, this Sandro Hit is probably one of the most promising and exciting young SH-offspring that danced in the ring at the Vechta licensing.

German stallion tycoon Paul Schockemohle thought the same as he purchased the black stallion from breeder and owner Britta Budeus-Wiegert at the auction following the licensing. Schockemohle got caught up in tough bidding duel with Gestut Sprehe, and ended up paying 450,000 euro to become the owner of this fantastic star.

"It's the best Sandro Hit offspring I have seen," Schockemohle said. "I tried buying this horse before the licensing, but they didn't want to sell him. I have been going to Westfalen, Holstein, Hannover to find such a quality stallion and unfortunately for my stallion station it once again was a Sandro Hit that I found."


Florencio Offspring Fascinates at Oldenburg Licensing

Young stallions descending from the first crop of double World Champion Florencio were up for licensing for the first time and it was heart warming to see the outstanding quality that this bay Florestan x Weltmeyer sire has produced.

The fourth placed premium stallion was the lovely Florencio x Donatelli x Goldstern x Makuba xx. This black colt had a beautiful face and a good conformation. He moves with much suppleness, using his entire body. The stallion does push up his neck a bit too much in trot and his walk was good on the second free jumping day, but it deteriorated a bit on the third selection day. Gerd Sosath purchased this horse from Christoph Börgel at auction for 82,000 euro.

The best moving Florencio was the Florencio x Pinkus x Hitchcock x Jet Stream xx, bred by Johannes Veenhuis and presented by dressage rider Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff, who purchased the colt as a foal at the Vechta Elite Foal Auction. This bay Florencio did not make the premium ring, but he had such lovely paces. He slightly moved with a round front leg but he was active and electric behind and "dressage" just radiated off him. Standing only 162 centimeters high, this bay sold for 75,000 euro to Mr Sieverding and former German young rider Julia Katherina von Platen.

Seven Florencios were presented at the licensing and four were licensed. Florencio clearly left his mark on his progeny. All Florencios moved with good suppleness, had decent walks and pretty faces. Most of them were a bit too compact in their conformation, but generally the Florencios made a very good impression.

Lovely Dressage Stallions in the Premium Ring

Four more dressage stallions completed the premium ring of ten. In fifth place was a Sandro Hit x Don Schufro x Figaro who is bred by Felix Tiemann and presented by Paul Schockemohle. This dark bay colt had very functional gaits, a good walk and a nice trot. The hindlegs could move more towards the gravitational point and he moves with the hocks too tightly together, but generally this Sandro Hit seemed a very interesting young dressage stallion.

An absolute dressage rider's delight is the sixth placed premium colt by Sunny Boy x Rosier x Tin Rocco x Luxus. This black stallion is bred by Christoph Tanzen and presented by Paul Schockemohle. He moved very well with good engagement and suspension and had a lovely self carriage. He was also good over the jumps, which makes him quite a complete horse. Dutch horse dealers Eugene and Patrick Reesink purchased this colt for 120,000 euro. At the licensing in Vechta, the Reesinks were accompanied by their friends Jacques Maree and Tim Coomans.

Another phenomenal young stallion, who should have placed higher in the premium ring, was the chestnut Donnerschwee x Rohdiamant x Tin Rocco x Kronprinz xx. Not only was it a relief to finally see a chestnut stallion in the ring (instead of all those boring black and dark bay coloured horses) but this young star was also a super mover. Bred by Andreas Wempe and presented by Wempe and Felix Tiemann, this Donnerschwee landed a ninth place in the premium ring. He moved with much elasticity in his body and good engagement. His neck could be a bit higher set. He sold for 65,000 euro at auction.

A few more impressions from the stallion ring

Many more stallions left a good impression on the selection committee and the audience. One who stood out was the gray stallion by Sandro Hit out of Elite Mare Cancellaresca (by Inschallah AA x Zeus x Armand). He had a lovely top line and displayed good self carriage. This young stallion moved with much push from behind and also executed a decent jump. His walk could have been better. He sold for 42,000 euro to The Netherlands.

A true dream was the drop dead gorgeous black His Highness x Rotspon x Weltmeyer x Brentano II. This beauty is bred by Gerhard Dustmann and presented by Johannes Westendarp. He moves with good engagement, over the back and has a lovely front leg. His walk was outstanding and he jumped well. A reason why this horse didn't make it into the premium ring was because he is Hanoverian branded and Hanoverians can not qualify for the Oldenburg premium ring. At auction, this super dressage stallion sold for 120,000 euro to Lone Boegh Henriksen in Denmark. This summer, Henriksen already acquired the most expensive dressage foal ever sold at an auction organized by a breed society (Furstentanz, by Furst Heinrich, 110,000 euro).

The Oldenburg Show Jumping Breed Society (OS) held its licensing at the same time as the Oldenburg Breed Society (OL). The champion of the OS-licensing was a bay Ludwig von Bayern x Argentinus stallion who was heavy boned, but who moved with much power and jumped really well. This stallion is bred and presented by Helmut Maier. He sold for 150,000 euro to Gestut Famos.

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