Thirty-One Youngsters Selected at First Dutch WCYH Selection Trial

Tue, 05/02/2006 - 00:00
2006 World Championships for Young Dressage Championships

The first Dutch selection trial for the 2006 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses took place on Monday May 1, 2006, in Ermelo, The Netherlands. The selection comittee, consisting of Mr Hamoen, Mr Jespers and Mr Laarakkers, selected

eighteen 5-year olds and thirteen 6-year olds to participate in the first group training session for further qualification.

This selection trial training session will take place Monday May 29, 2006, in Ermelo. The World Young Horse Championships take place in Verden, Germany, August 3-6, 2006.

Photo copyrighted: Dirk Caremans

5-year old Dressage Horses

  • Uncle Satchmo (by Apollonios xx) – Emmelie Scholtens
  • Uniek P (by Cabochon) – Sietske de Man
  • U’ve got it (by Democraat) – Chantal Nijpjes
  • Game Boy (by Gribaldi) – Hans Peter Minderhoud
  • Uusminka (by Gribaldi) – Edward Gal
  • Unico (by Jazz) – Petra van Esch
  • Up Seven (by Jazz) – Florentine Rootveld
  • Ursus (by Jazz) – Ferenc Damen
  • Undigo (by Jazz) – Arlette van Tilborg
  • Uptown (by Kennedy) – Hans Peter Minderhoud
  • Ucari (by Kennedy) – Marieke Pijnenburg
  • Una (by Lancet) – Corien IJspeerd
  • Uzzo (by Lancet) – Patrick van der Meer
  • Ucento (by Metall) – Patrick van der Meer
  • Uranium W (by Metall) – Lynne Maas
  • Uitblinker (by Olivi) – Marijke Folmer
  • Uphill (by Oscar) – Emmelie Scholtens
  • Hexagon’s Radetsky (by Rubiquil) – Thamar Zweistra

6-year old Dressage Horses

  • Troy (by Cabochon) – Emmelie Scholtens
  • Hyperion’s Tanirma (by De Niro) – Sarah van Fessem
  • Toricelli (by Florestan I) – Lotje Schoots
  • Tin Tin G (by Focus) – Bart Bax
  • Twinkel R (by Freestyle) – Willem Jan Schotte
  • Tarina (by Jazz) – Theo Hanzon
  • Torrero (by Jazz) – Laurens van Lieren
  • Tip Top (by Jazz) – Patty Zwang
  • Tolando (by Krack C) – Edward Gal
  • Typical Dutch (by Mooiman) – Sarah van Fessem
  • Kern’s Tadao Ando (by Obelisk) – Niels Valkenburg
  • Hexagon’s Truppa (by Rubiquil) – Thamar Zweistra
  • Amstelland’s Tadassa (by Sandro Hit) – Karen Galema
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