Judges at the 2005 World Cup Finals Rewarded Power and Risk

Mon, 04/25/2005 - 00:00
2005 World Cup Finals

For Dove, the 2005 World Cup Finals show cased the decision of the judges to reward, without a doubt, power and risk, huge engagement and major impulsion. Flat movements, no matter how harmonious, receives a lesser score.

"I know they blather about rhythm and balance being paramount. Salinero is not a particularly loose horse, as is say Escapado, but it is all about athletics and athleticism, harmony resulting from unbelievable timing efforts and fantastic physical partners. The overall picture Anky presents is like Cirque de Soleil compared to ancient circus," Dove stated.

When Anky was asked what her plans for the future are, she answered that she will take some time to rest, and in a month or so, start thinking about changes in her freestyle. She wants to get ready for European Championships and thinks about her new challengers Edward Gal and Martin Schaudt.

The 2005 World Cup Finals were historical and record breaking, not only in scores but also in the amount of spectators attending; 12,000 people, a true sell out crowd, on Saturday for the Freestyle. The Las Vegas Events' organizers have immediately offered to do this again in 2007, or any time the FEI asks.

Text by Lita Dove and Astrid Appels - Photos copyrighted Dirk Caremans
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