Stray Dogs Poisoned To Make Room for 2004 Olympic Games

Sun, 06/20/2004 - 00:00
2004 Olympic Games

In August 2004, the Olympic Games in Athens are going to begin. With all these visitors from abroad, the city would like to present itself from its best side.

No suffering strays animals, hungry cats, pregnant bitches, begging puppies and kittens or old and scarred dog veterans will be around. Those that were not lucky enough to have been adopted by animal welfare campaigns have been drowned or suffocated somewhere, or are decomposing on some garbage heap.

The many stray animals that are still alive, and are fed regularly by animal friends, will have been poisoned by the beginning of the Olympic Games. They have names, they know people, who come and feed them every day and look forward to seeing them. One day, they'll eat something, only to collapse with cramps minutes later, suffering their ordeal until they finally die a painful and inhuman death.

Countless tourists visiting the Olympic Games will wander through the streets of Athens, not knowing that their feet are touching parts of the streets where a dog met its end. The Olympics Games, Big Business for Greece, will be presented on top of the corpses of the many stray animals of Athens.

as reported by Arch Noah

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