Double Win for Brigitte Wittig at Munster Bundeschampionate Qualifier

Mon, 06/07/2004 - 00:00
2004 Bundeschampionate - Qualifiers

Breitling offspring dominated the Munster Bundeschampionate qualified. Brigitte Wittig saddled two of her own bred horses and won both qualifiers for Warendorf.

In the 5-year old division Wittig rode Baldessarini W, a Breitling W x Diego xx Oldenburg registered offspring, with whom she scored 9.0. Wittig is only the third rider this year to score a 9.0 mark in the BuCha qualifiers. Andreas Voss and his Rhinelander Fuchsburger (Fidermark x Faschingsprinz) placed second with 8.3. Silke Ottenjan followed in third position with 8.2. Ottenjan rode Fullgari, a Westfalian by Florestan x Fruhlingsball, and tied with Marlis Goken aboard Mambo Number One, also a Westfalian but by Montmartre x Fittipaldi.

In the six year old division, Wittig topped the leader board once again, this time aboard the Oldenburger Bicachu (Breitling W x Fabriano). Wittig scored 8.5 and beat Henrike Sommer-Böker on the licensed breeding stallion Show Star (Sandro Hit x Feinbrand) who got 8.3. Katrin Bettenworth and her six-year old Why Not (Wittinger x Nebelhorn) were the third pair in Munster to qualify for Warendorf in the 6-year old class.

5-year old Dressage Horse BuCha Qualifier

  • 1. Brigitte Wittig - Baldessarini W - 9.0
  • 2. Andreas Voss - Fuchsburger - 8.3
  • 3. Silke Ottenjann - Fullgari - 8.2
  • 3. Marlis Göken - Mambo Number One - 8.2
  • 5. Bernd Gebhardt - Damenti - 8.1
  • 6. Marita Kroger - Inselgirl - 8.0

6-year old Dressage Horse BuCha Qualifier

  • 1. Brigitte Wittig - Bicachu - 8.5
  • 2. Henrike Sommer Boker - Show Star - 8.3
  • 3. Katrin Bettenworth - Why Not - 8.2

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