Dutch Horses for 2003 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

Mon, 07/21/2003 - 00:00
2003 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

After several selection trials, the Dutch Equestrian Federation and the KWPN selected the following horses from the short list to compete for the KWPN studbook at the 2003 World Championships for young dressage horses in Verden.

5-year olds:

  • Hilltop Rousseau (Ferro x Roemer) - Nicolette van Lierop
  • Rhodium (Ferro x G.Ramiro Z) - Hans Peter Minderhout
  • Magic Rodrigo (Indorado x Stuyvesant xx) - Edward Gal
  • Riant (Jazz x Julio Mariner xx) - Anke ter Beek
  • XXL (Krack C x Balzflug) - Edward Gal

6-year olds:

  • Pays-Bas NL (Cabochon x Zeoliet) - Christa Laarakkers
  • Paddox (Ferro x Darwin) - Marijke Folmer
  • Pasternak (Gribaldi x Cocktail) - Coby van Baalen (pictured)
  • Reduson’s Patser (Jazz x Ariban xx) - Madeleine Vrees
  • Paso Doble (Krack C x Orlof) - Anouk Hansen
  • Painted Black (Gribaldi x Ferro) -Anky van Grunsven

As Anky van Grunsven is ranked in the top twelve of the FEI/BCM Riders' rankings, she can automatically compete in Verden. She will be riding Painted Black, a horse previously shown by Hans Peter Minderhoud and by Tanja Awater.

Source: KWPN
Image copyrighted: Arnd Bronkhorst

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