Dutch Dressage Reorganized

Tue, 12/10/2002 - 00:00
Dutch Dressage News

The Dutch Equestrian Federation has slightly reorganized the structure and organization of Dressage and its teams. The KNHS announced its latest plans. The first people named to manage the Dutch Dressage teams are Jan Peeters, Sjef Janssen and Johann Hinnemann.

Sjef Janssen and Johan Hinnemann will obviously take on the training of the Dutch teams, while O-judge Jan Peeters will function as chef d'equipe and handle administrative jobs. The selection committee for the different dressage teams has not been named yet.

"What's important now is to set up a good basic system for the pony, junior and senior riders," Johan Hinnemann told Hoefslag. "After I quit as team trainer of the German dressage team, I promised myself never to take on such job again, but there is too much work to do in The Netherlands. I'm too much involved in the sport to be sidelined."

Johann Hinnemann is trainer of Coby and Marlies van Baalen, two A-team riders in The Netherlands, and of course hopes that his students will maintain their position in the leading dressage team of Holland.

Source: Hoefslag
Image copyrighted: Dirk Caremans