Dressage Canada Announces 2002 World Equestrian Games Team

Fri, 07/19/2002 - 00:00
2002 World Equestrian Games

Dressage Canada announced the Canadian Equestrian Team – Dressage Division that will be representing Canada at Jerez, Spain, 11-22 September 2002.

The Dressage Canadian Equestrian Team is listed below in descending order of qualifying scores:

Rider Hometown Horse Owner 

  • Nancy MacLachlan - Terra Cotta, ON - Davis Cup, 1985 Hann. gelding - Nancy MacLachlan 
  • Shannon Dueck - Whiteman, MA - Korona, 1992 KWPN gelding - Shannon Dueck (pictured)
  • Ashley Holzer - New York, NY - Imperioso (NL), 1990 KWPN stallion - Tess Gilder 
  • Neil Ishoy - Binbrook, ON - Andiamo Tyme, 1991 Old. gelding - Linda Fowler

Belinda Trussell- Stouffville, ON - Royan II, 1990 Old. gelding - Belinda Trussell 
Evi Strasser - Ste-Adele, PQ - Pryme Tyme, 1991 Old. gelding - Evi Strasser

All Team members obtained scores of 65% to 75% in qualifying competitions.

“It gives me great pleasure to have the privilege of announcing such a strong team for this year’s competition,” said Chair, Dressage Canada High Performance Committee, Kim Goodyear. “All the riders are very excited to be able to represent Canada at such a prestigious event and are looking forward to the competition.”

Also named to the Team were Chef d’Equipe Gwynn Rooke, Veterinarian Dr. Alan Young, and Blacksmith Andy Vergut.

Dressage comes from the French word dresser, meaning ‘to train’. Dressage is an equestrian sport combining athletic ability with physical grace of the horse. Originally, it was used to train horses for battle in the 16th and 17th centuries. Riders now perform tests, containing a series of compulsory technical movements, which are each marked on a scale of zero to ten by a panel of three to five judges. The key to achieving a high score is for the horse to demonstrate expressive powerful and harmonious movements while the rider’s aids or cues are hardly noticeable.

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