Devon Diary: Arriving at Devon

Mon, 09/24/2001 - 00:00
2001 Dressage at Devon

Monday September 24, 2001 

We hit the road very early today, 6 AM, so that we could reach Devon by noon. I got my Fruit and Yoghurt Parfait from McDonalds for breakfast.

We drove through Virginia and Maryland to get into Pennsylvania and on the Turnpike toll way. Pennsylvania is really beautiful. The foresty landscape is not as abundant as in Virginia, but you see more farms and pastures in the Amish country. Devon seemed to be this wealthy suburb of Philadelphia and it was a surprise to see a whole equestrian complex in the middle of town. JJ parked the camper on its regular Devon spot and we unpacked and were set up in no time.

We toured the complex and Mary showed the press office and trade fair to me. The weather was great; warm and even a little muggy. I constantly saw trailers unloading mares with foals or FEI dressage horses. JJ and I hung up the Horsesdaily banners round the Dixon Oval, which is the main arena. Devon reminds me of an old racing track. The stands are covered and on top of every roof is an old bell tower. Everything is painted in baby blue and white. In the warm-up, some people were riding their horses, others were handling their youngsters as preparation for the breed show tomorrow.

JJ baked a tenderloin on his grill. He got all comfy with his grill set up underneath the camper. He covered it with aluminum foil to prevent the wind from hitting the fire. He was drinking his beer and patiently turning the steak. Mary and I were inside watching tv. It started to rain and the local tv channel announced that there was a tornado watch on. JJ went back to his spot outside to watch the Greenbay Packers football game. I went to bed at 10.30 PM.

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