Devon Diary: A New Hair Cut

Wed, 09/19/2001 - 00:00
2001 Dressage at Devon

Wednesday September 19, 2001

Mary told me yesterday that she had an appointment with her hair dresser Roberta in Deland and invited me to come with. "You can explore our cute little town in the meantime," Mary said.

 I walked up and down Woodland Avenue and visited some of the cute little gift and antiques shops. I bought a book on Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Muse Book Shop. I was really disappointed that the only comics' store in town was closed because once again I was unable to get my brother's much requested Star Wars.

Mary's new hair cut looked completely 'cosmopolitan'. Roberta told me she'd like to give some volume to my hair by cutting it but I didn't want to take up Mary's time. So we went to the health store to get Ezekial bread but then she asked me if I liked to get my hair done and I said yes. So we went back to the Blondie in Rich Avenue and I gave Roberta carte blanche. Her assistent David washed my hair and she cut it. She didn't ask what my preferences were but I didn't care. I was just very excited about this as I would finally get something new and daring. Roberta eagerly started cutting my hair and 3 inch locks fell on the floor. I was really curious what the end effect would be, and guess what, it looked great. Mary and I left Blondie parading down Woodland Avenue like two models. We drove back home and worked a little more on the computer.

In the early evening, Mary and I went to Winn Dixie to get some Kendall Jackson and I bought six bottles of Finesse shampoo. My friend Leah introduced this shampoo to me half a year ago and I am crazy about it. The only problem is that they only sell the shampoo in the United States and this was my chance to stack some bottles. Deleon Springs is such a beautiful town. The nature is incredible. Oak trees, ferns, egrits sitting next to cows in the fields, hawks flying over. When we got back, JJ had once again cooked a delicious dinner. Wild rice with sausages, corn and portabello mushrooms. In Florida it gets dark so early and you automatically feel tired. At home, I never go to bed before 12 AM or 1 AM but in Florida you feel ready to hit the sack at 9.

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