Chacomo Will Attack in Aachen

Tue, 06/12/2001 - 00:00
2001 CDIO Aachen

That was a clear fight-announcement to the competitors: his first appearance - expected with tension - Alexandra Simons-de Ridder with Chacomo absolved at whitsun-saturday at the Rhurtaler Dressage-days in Essen-Werden.

They won as expected (1842 points).

Since the tournament in Leverkusen at the end of October, were the team Olympic winner won the two highest Dressages, Chacomo has not been presented anymore. That was the reason why Alexandra Simons-de Ridder, coming from Aachen, was not nominated for the Dressage team for the "World Equestrian Festival - CHIO AACHEN 2001".

"The decision was not a surprise. I can live with it very well. At least I did not present Chacomo at any tournament this year", says the 37 year old dressage rider, even it is a novum, that a current Olympic horse is not in the team.

In the team participating at CHIO AACHEN, there are her Sydney-colleagues Nadine Capellmann (Aachen) with Farbenfroh, Isabell Werth (Rheienberg) with Antony and Ulla Salzgeber (Bad Wörishofen) with Rusty as well as Heike Kemmer (Isernhagen) with Albano.

At the CHIO AACHEN, which is the first test event for the European CHampionship among the German Championship in the middle of July in Münster, Alexandra Simons-de Ridder wants to fight for the ticket for the European Championship.

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