STC Aquamarin Sold to Sprehe Stallion Station

Thu, 02/22/2001 - 00:00
Westfalian Breeding News

STC Aquamarin, the 16-year-old top horse of the Swiss dressage rider Christine Stückelberger, has been sold to the stud farm Sprehe in Germany. The stallion was entered for the Zwolle International Stallion Show but due to the sale Stückelberger has had to cancel.

The Westphalian bred stallion is going to start a new career as a stud. Aquamarin (Pakt x Benedikt) and Stückelberger have been a combination since 1995. Together they have achieved many successes; Stückelberger rode Aquamarin in European and World Championships and appeared with the stallion in 1996 in the Olympic Games in Atlanta as well as the 2000 Games in Sydney. During the European Championship in Arnheim 1999 the combination reached twelfth place individual and reached sixth position with the Swiss team.

The Swiss horsewoman, who caused such a sensation in the 70’s with her horse Granat (sire: Consul), will continue to ride Aquamarin. ‘In all the years that I have ridden Aquamarin, he has never covered a mare. I think it is now time that this fantastic stallion produces progeny. That is the reason that I sold Aquamarin. In the contract I have stated that I am entitled to Aquamarin’s sperm for my own breeding; in this way he can live on into the future. Above all I may, whenever I like, come to Germany to ride Aquamarin. After the stud season I can ride this stallion at shows and perhaps even in competition. While I’m not riding Aquamarin he will be ridden by a 14-year-old girl in Germany. She will learn a lot from him and he will still enjoy working.’

Image copyrighted: Dirk Caremans